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Аll You Need to Know About Front-End Development Services

What to Know About Front-End Development Services

When there is a goal to update a business strategy and bring it to a whole new level, the best solution is to have a digital platform like a website or a mobile app. Digital solutions work perfectly for improving customer service and therefore expanding a customer base. Front-end development services are playing an essential role in website design to help businesses achieve any set goals.

Front-end development is not only about pretty branding, it’s tightly connected to UX (user experience) services and necessary for users to be able to perform all the actions that a website/ application can offer.

Here you could learn more about what front-end development services include, why it’s an important part of the project and what are the hottest front-end trends.

What are the front-end development services?

Let’s say every software development project can be divided into two parts: back-end and front-end development. The first one is basically a backstage of a project and refers to everything that is happening on the server-side. While the second one is user-orientated and happens on the user-facing side. Everything that users can see or do on your digital platform would be part of the front-end development process and has to be trusted by a professional and experienced company.

What can front-end developers do for you?

  • HTML and CSS web design. Create a website that aligns with your branding, has a responsive design and high functionality, and follows all the highest standards.
  • JavaScript development. Being the leading programming language JavaScript allows you to come up with any kind of digital solution to match clients’ needs and visions.
  • Customized web application development. Professional front-end development agencies won’t use templates but will create a personalized and functional web app to organize your workflow.
  • Mobile app development. Bringing business to users’ phones, to make them more accessible and boost customer service is the main goal of mobile app development.
  • UX and UI design. Professionally designed user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is what makes an app/ website stand out among competitors, bring more clients and increase the sales level.

Preferably a project needs a good front-end developing team that is confident in JavaScript programming language, HTML, and CSS design, but there are some other technologies used to make the development process go faster. Using different frameworks that help design rich and engaging web apps using minimal time for coding. Some of them are less popular and some are used by most developers, but in any case, it’s a progressive tool that benefits not only the software development company’s client but the developers themselves. Finding a team that knows trendy frameworks will ensure you reach your goals faster, without stretching your deadlines.

Here are some of the  frameworks that are used by front-end developers and are rumored to be the hottest trends in the following years:

  • ReactJS.
  • AngularJS
  • VueJS

What are the front-end development trends we should watch out for in 2022?

Following the tech trends is important as it helps you navigate in the industry, know what’s the newest technology to use for improving business strategy, and stay on the top among competitors.

Let’s see what technology you should really pay attention to:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence keeps amazing not only the tech crowd but any technology users out there. It’s not something new, but improvements in the industry keep AI on the top of the list. As AI evolves there is no denial we would see it being used by front-end developers. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can simplify some most essential steps of the website and app development process. Because of automated testing and self-learning algorithms, developers now can trust AI with coding and website building. That way more and more websites and applications would be built using AI which will definitely speed up the development process and improve the quality of projects, as developers would have more time to concentrate on solving high-end problems.

The AI-powered chatbot

The AI-powered chatbot is a new creative solution for optimizing customer service. Using that tool helps you build a connection between a customer and a brand. Having your business accessible 24/7 increases sales expands the customer base and allows the company to be reachable, and trustworthy.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) straighten their position in the digital market. People spend more and more time on their phones, which allows them to surf and shop at any place and anytime. By having a top-class mobile app business owners can ensure their customers are always provided with the best service. By using PWA developers meet the ever-changing demands of the market and make it possible for users to browse through apps.

Motion Design

There are some front-end development trends in website design. Like that, motion design is guaranteed to be a “big thing” in UI development. Not only does it make the website aesthetically pleasing, but it has the technology to help users use the website intuitively and makes the navigation process clear. There is no need to mention that hard for understanding navigation is one of the most common problems in the website operating process that causes a decrease in sales.

There you have a list of the most desirable frontend trends in software. The main thing we have to remember is that the tech industry never stops improving and evolving and keeping up with the newest hits might help you to become the best in your industry.


Wrapping it up, front-end solutions are used in any software development project. Making the right choice by finding a professional agency guarantees you that any product that you have in mind will be delivered to the users with high quality. 

Providing customers with high-class service directly affects your sales, brand, reputation, and company’s future development and growth. Understanding the front-end developing process, what kind of services the team can provide,  and what technology is out there to help the business improve is essential. That knowledge will help you with choosing the right software development partner who will share your vision and find creative digital solutions.

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