5 Common Mistakes Every Startup Founder Must Avoid

Starting an enterprise is no small feat. Just because you have an incredible business idea, it doesn’t always mean it’ll turn out to be a success upon execution. Even a startup with a unique business concept can fail.

It’s said that launching a company isn’t just about making a well-thought-out decision in order to gain a place in the market. It’s also about the process, the dos and don’ts, and most importantly, patience so an entrepreneur like you can pull it off.

This content feature will talk about some early-stage pitfalls that you must avoid as a startup founder. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Having No Clear Vision

Having a clear vision is what every startup founder should have. However, this is often overlooked. Well, there are even some aspiring business owners who don’t know what the word startup means which is clearly defined on this site. A lot of entrepreneurs just go straight at their new business ideas without thinking about why they’re doing it or what kind of change they can bring to the world.

A startup with no clear purpose can easily be thrown off by a curveball along the way, especially if it doesn’t get enough momentum. Having a vision or goals is what will help you and your team get through when things start to get tough.

Plus, having a purpose can add real meaning to what your team is doing and that will cause other people to rally around you. It also helps in giving your new brand real value as it has a reason for existence.

2. Working With No Concrete Plan

Making a decision to begin a new venture without a plan is definitely one of the worst mistakes you can make as a startup founder. Every business moves forward and every milestone should be achieved step-by-step and this will only be possible if you have laid out a plan beforehand.

A pre-plan is one of the most essential stepping stones when starting a business. This includes taking some time for research, setting a business plan, financial plan, marketing plan, and a backup plan.

Having a concrete plan every step of the way provides a strong backbone and sense of direction for a startup business and helps cope with any potential problems that it may encounter down the road. 

3. Not Seeking Advice

Another big reason why many startup founders fail is that they don’t seek advice from the right people. It’s crucial that you get advice from experts or someone who is highly experienced and knowledgeable in different kinds of business transactions.

A good business person delights in seeking recommendations from the right people. If you want to know how to win bigger contracts or want your brand to be noticed immediately, you need to get in touch with a seasoned mentor. This is particularly true if you already have a good business solution but you don’t know how to make it happen.

There’s nothing wrong with networking and making connections to the right personalities for these connections are what will help you grow your new company.

4. Not Having A Grasp About Your Market & Target Audience

Another common startup mistake is failure to understand the market or who your customers are. It’s critical that you also identify and talk to your target audience so you can have a good idea if your company is trending in the right direction.

Keep in mind that simply building a great product or service doesn’t always lead to success. A lot of startups are struggling to grow because they are only focusing on a particular small market even though their business has the potential to become a big business.

5. Hiring Friends

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes on this list. What makes this even worse is that if you don’t hire your friends, it may lead to all kinds of issues. Although the idea of having a group of friends start a new business venture is good, it doesn’t always mean success. Sooner or later, they’ll start slacking or simply not a good fit for their roles.

Once that happens, it can be hard to let them go knowing that firing them can end your friendship. Even though it’s very tempting to work with your friends, it’s better if you separate work from having fun with them.

Final Thoughts

Being a startup founder means you are trying to make a difference and bring about a change in this world. You’re bound to make mistakes sooner or later. What you need to do is to prepare yourself properly so that you don’t end up committing them. Make sure that you’re aware of these mistakes and do your best to avoid them.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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