How TikTok Is Changing the Social Media Marketing Game

How TikTok Is Changing the Social Media Marketing Game

Ever since it was created in September 2016 by China-based ByteDance Ltd., TikTok has become a pervasive platform for expression. With roughly one billion active monthly users, the platform is also being harnessed by brands looking to cut through the noise and grow their audiences.

In just a short period, TikTok has changed the way businesses plan, build, and manage social media campaigns. Considering the immense opportunities it presents, the platform continues to provide new ways for engaging audiences and creating content that’s guaranteed to convert.

Here’s how TikTok is changing how brands approach social media marketing.

Endless content opportunities

Marketing tools and strategies change over time, but the content is still king. Brands will need to look for fresh ideas for packaging the information they need to distribute. This would mean coming up with unique content that’s entertaining and informative. TikTok owes its popularity to how it allows users to express themselves creatively through an endless array of content production possibilities. Users can tell stories through music, visuals, and clever editing, all of which can be maximized by brands.

For one, businesses can use TikTok to take on social media challenges, provide helpful tips, introduce their staff, and show what happens behind the scenes. It’s only a matter of turning these ideas into consumable TikTok content with immense viral potential.

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As an avenue for education

Apart from entertainment, TikTok also holds educational value. At the start of the pandemic, educators used the platform to deliver short classes and discuss concepts in creative and fun ways. In the same way, business owners and practitioners can use TikTok to introduce their products and services.

A good example of that is how Dr. Ben Winters, a dental professional now based in North Texas, uses TikTok to create content that blends entertainment with education. Nicknamed the “Bentist”, Winters has nurtured an eight-million strong following through content that mixes music and dancing with the finer points of his practice. This only shows how TikTok can be a valuable dental marketing tool that can help practitioners and brands become more visible and relevant within and outside their immediate communities.

A greater need for ethical social marketing

As much as TikTok is an avenue for expression, brands will also need to acknowledge that there is a fine line between great content and content that has the potential to ruin their reputation. The use of TikTok as a marketing channel will continue to highlight the need for brands to avoid potential ethical pitfalls.

For this reason, brands will need to be cautious when it comes to forming TikTok marketing campaigns. With the amount of flexibility that businesses have over the content production process, there is always the risk of putting out content that might offend or disturb others, especially those outside the culture in which the brand is operating within.

In addition, companies should also be wary when it comes to recruiting influencers for promotional campaigns or partnership programs. Associating with a controversial figure to promote products and services might not bode well for brands that already have a compelling presence online. Understanding the ethical implications of influencer marketing through TikTok is needed to avoid bad publicity. The same can also be applied to social media campaigns across all other channels.

Being more than just a social media platform, TikTok has massive potential for bringing your business to the next level. You just need to come up with original content ideas without overstepping moral boundaries.