Running Google Ads In 2022: 5 Strategies That Still Work

Running Google Ads - 5 Strategies

Google Ads is a paid advertising channel that falls under Pay-Per-Click (PPC) category, where the advertiser pays for every impression on a campaign. This platform enables you to drive traffic and high-quality leads for your brand, which could turn into customers. As a result, you can reach your target audience by providing them with relevant content through your ads.

Many believe that there’s no better way to start promoting your brand than by investing in Google Ads if you want to gain attention in growing your online presence. However, you may be overwhelmed with the wide selection of advertising mediums and methods for using Google Ads. Thus, it’s crucial to determine which advertising tactics would still help you promote your business.

And for that, this article will relay five surefire strategies for running successful Google Ads in 2022. Read on to know them.

1. Outsource The Right Workforce

If you’re driving traffic but can’t convert your leads, you can get help with Google Ads. Although a Google Ads consultant won’t do the actual work in producing your campaigns, they can guide you throughout the process by answering your questions. As you use their effective strategies, you’ll be able to deliver them to your target audience and boost the success of your ads.

During the first consultation, they will help you determine the types of audience you want to attract and the ones to avoid. Then, they will assess the goals and performance of your brand on the platform based on the objectives. In particular, they may discuss the weaknesses of your current and previous strategies.

If you want to have a Google Ads consultant on your team, you must write a list of qualifications for what you expect the perfect candidate to have. You might want them to possess the skills, attitude, and personality traits valuable for your organization. After then, you may consider outsourcing pay-per-click assistants who will handle your campaigns as you implement the strategies.  

2. Tweak Your Google Ads For Mobile Accessibility

Most online users browse the web through their mobile devices, which allows you to reach more users through their phones. With that said, you should develop high-impact mobile ads designed to encourage customer engagement via multiple touchpoints. This strategy can motivate your audience to pay more attention to your campaigns and become more responsive.

With the personal nature of mobile devices, Google Ads is believed to be more successful in terms of brand awareness and revenue. If you tailor your messages for each user, your prospects may pay more careful attention to your ads. As they actively engage with your campaigns, you may encourage them to provide their personal information and use the insights in targeting more users.

You can use this mobile ad perspective in your keyword analysis, too. For instance, you can look for keywords users often search for on their mobile devices, then use shorter extension copies for your ads. However, you must ensure your ad extension copy starts with your unique selling proposition and every vital detail.

3. Deliver Emotion In Your Google Ads

A powerful emotional connection builds loyalty before a prospective customer makes a purchasing decision. Adding emotional appeal to your Google Ads enables you to reach your audience on another level, making your ads more memorable. With this effective technique, you can inspire your leads to take specific actions towards your campaigns and increase business milestones.

You can generate a solid impression of your online brand using the right word and providing a compelling call to action (CTA) button. As you plan your CTA, you may conduct market analysis to gain insights into their pain points. For instance, you can use the statement “your obstacles will be solved with this product” and add “sign up now” at the end of the copy.

4. Develop A Representative Landing Page

Your Google Ads shouldn’t only include the ads of your brand. It should also address landing pages so your new audience can have a positive impression of the credibility of your website. Thus, a well-designed landing page is an essential factor in ensuring the success of your Google Ad strategy.

As you plan to develop a landing page, you should consider using the same keyword and CTA with your ad to build a similar response. Then, you may attach large and clear buttons with balanced color contrasts so your prospect can click on the next steps. Otherwise, you may make your viewer feel misled and increase your bounce rate, leading them away from engaging with your brand.

5. Monitor Your Ad Strategy Results

Your Google Ads campaign will be invaluable if you don’t measure its effectiveness. That said, you should monitor the results of the strategies so you can assess which ones are working. Then, you can eliminate the ones that aren’t receiving positive results to save on promotional costs.

You must connect your ads to an analytics engine and establish a monitoring plan. Doing so enables you to maximize your Google Ads data and integrate those insights into your strategy. With that, you may consider making a spreadsheet to create it so you can share it with all your investors.

Key Takeaway

As an entrepreneur, you can utilize Google Ads to build awareness for your brand. However, you must consider following these five strategies to ensure the effectiveness of your ads this 2022. In turn, you can convert your audience into loyal customers and boost your sales revenue in the long run.