8 Tools Every New Construction Company Needs

8 Tools Every New Construction Company Needs

Congratulations on starting a new construction company. But have you thought of the construction tools your company requires? As a construction company, you need tools to run. You’ll get contracts requiring your contractors to work on high ground, pluck nails, scrub the walls, and test electricity shocks. Without proper tools, all these jobs cannot be done efficiently, possibly leading to your company’s shutdown.

If you’ve just started a new construction company and have no idea of what tools to have, read along as we’ll discuss some of the most important ones.

While your company’s tools depend on what you specialize in, some are more likely to be used in every job; thus, having them would be wise. These include:

1. Ladder

Ladders of different lengths are vital to get various jobs done. The lack of these tools means you may not be able to do tasks above six feet. Therefore, your new construction company is better off with some ladders to avoid inconveniences.

Although most contractors prefer wooden ladders due to their friendly prices, they may pay more in the long run since they aren’t durable. However, if you don’t mind changing ladders from time to time, you may settle for wooden ones. But for durability, it’s advisable to go for aluminum ladders. These ladders are just a bit expensive but sturdy. Also, besides being lighter, they are less likely to rust.

On the other hand, steel ladders are also a good choice since they last longer. However, they are heavier to carry along. In addition, steel ladders stand out because a contractor doesn’t need someone to hold onto them when climbing. Furthermore, their heavier weight provides more stability, which is essential when using overhead lifting machinery.

2. Chain Saw

A chain saw is a vital tool for cutting down trees, large pieces of wood, and metal. Unlike cutting down a tree by hand, a chain saw does the job within a few minutes. A chain saw is a must-have tool for every new construction company since the contractors are more likely to be involved in wood and metal cutting.

Chainsaws are suitable for cutting large trees and branches due to their long guide bars. Electric chainsaw guide bars are about 18 inches, while gas chainsaws range up to 40 inches. Chainsaws are safe to use, mainly if you stick to safety precautions.

3. Tape Measure

Keenness on the details comes first for contractors. It isn’t easy to make correct measurements without a tape measure in hand. Tape measures come in various sizes and lengths. However, a suitable tape measure comes with a clip for easy hooking on the tool belt regardless of the size.

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4. Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is a universal tool for every construction company. Given that all constructions require hammering nails at some point, your company needs to possess claw hammers of different sizes.

5. Level

It’s impossible to install brackets or hang cabinets without a level. Therefore, construction companies need to have different levels’ sizes.

Levels come in different types. There are classic and digital levels. While digital ones seem luxurious, the usual box-beam levels with a bubble in the middle of a glass pipe are still the best since they don’t require power to operate.

6. Compressor

Air compressor is an essential tool for every construction company. Besides being used to fill a tire, you can also use them to operate drills, saws, and staple guns, to mention a few. Though it might not be the first tool you’ll consider buying for your new construction company, it definitely won’t be the last. You’ll probably require an air compressor to operate other equipment as you start having a collection of tools.

7. Tool Belt

Tool belts are often ignored when collecting tools for construction companies. However, overlooking the importance of this item isn’t a good move. Compared to a toolbox, a tool belt is the best given that it’s light, fits many tools, and is easy to carry around since you wear it around your waist.

With a tool belt, it will also be easy for your contractors to work on higher grounds without going back and forth as they have the required tools within their reach.

8. Adjustable Wrench

Both contractors and plumbers benefit a lot from having an adjustable wrench. This open-ended tool allows you to adjust its size to fit your requirements. Instead of trying different spanners to do the job, an adjustable wrench will be more convenient since you only need to adjust it accordingly.

Besides adjustable spanners working on different sizes, it also saves you from purchasing multiple wrenches.


Every new construction company requires tools to let their contractors do their job. While your company might require advanced tools and machinery, later on, it’s vital to possess some everyday tools as you begin. Construction workers may not be able to do their job efficiently without items such as hammers, saws, and nail pluckers. Thus, having them in hand is necessary. As time goes by, you can add advanced tools to your collection depending on the type of jobs your company specializes in.