Four Times Brands Used Cinematic Style Advertising to Great Effect

There have been a growing number of ways over the past decade that have been adopted by brands in order to stand out from the crowd. Advertising has so often been at the forefront of these, with brands looking to find new ways to take their advertising game to the next level.

Revolutionary marketing methods are believed to have a massive part in the success of companies, as they will leave the consumer hooked on what they are seeing. That has been especially the case with adverts, as companies have looked to step outside their comfort zone to capture the attention of the audience. But, which brands have used cinematic advertising with a great level of success in the past?

These are some examples of how brands are using cinematic style advertising to capture attention in their marketing campaigns.


Betway is renowned as one of the biggest online gaming companies in the world, as they operate around the world. The site offers sports betting opportunities to customers, while also offering an excellent selection of casino games, such as Blackjack Betway. However, in 2021, they took their advertising to the next level with one of the most breath-taking gambling adverts that we have seen in recent years.

The ‘I Bet It My Way’ campaign was a huge success and showed that sports betting is a tradition as old as mankind. In the advert, we see a lion and a caveman clash, before David vs Goliath continues the story. The theme throughout the advert is stating that everyone has always picked a side, whether it be for the plucky underdog or the hard-hitting heavyweight.


While the Nintendo advert titled ‘Two Brothers’ may not be an official advert from the gaming company, it is an excellent example of cinematic work displaying all the nostalgic feelings that many need to feel watching something on television to grow invested in a product. Two Brothers shows the tale of two siblings that drift apart as the older brother gets older; to the extent that the younger brother misses his graduation. Even towards the end of the advert, we see the two clash over a Thanksgiving dinner.

However, the two rekindle their brotherhood after both get Nintendo Switches delivered to their houses, which helps them reminisce about the times that they forgot about when they were playing as children. The gift brings them back together, as the advert finishes with the brothers playing Mario Kart, just as they did when they were children.


When it comes to sports advertising, very few brands are able to get close to Nike. The global sportswear company brings out feature-length adverts throughout the year, but few are as successful as the campaigns that they launch before the soccer World Cup. In 2014, Nike launched the campaign “Winner Stays On”. The advert does an excellent job of relieving the nostalgic dreams of children, as they aim to play for their national side in the biggest competition in the world. In the advert, young players pretend to be some of the best players in the world by shouting their names.

Once they’ve done that, they turn into the player that they have said. The near five-minute advert grows in size throughout before the final shot sees a young player score a penalty against Tim Howard in front of a capacity crowd. Nike ensures that it gets the attention of the audience throughout its adverts, with superstars appearing throughout. Just some of the household names that were involved in the advert included Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Neymar, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.


Adverts get more attention than normal as families sit around the television watching their favourite shows, which means that there is more pressure than ever to hit the right tone around the festive season. One company that certainly did just that in 2014 was Sainsbury’s, which produced one of the all-time best Christmas adverts. In partnership with the Royal British Legion, the company recreated events from 100 years prior during the First World War.

The advert follows the famous story, as British and German troops put down their guns in the middle of conflict to exchange presents, sing songs, and play a game of football. This story sees Otto and Jim meet in the middle of No Man’s Land before the rest of the armed forces from both sides join them. This story is one of the more heart-warming tales from the First World War and one that has been retold through generations. The advert ends with the soldiers returning to their trenches and resuming the war.

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