3 Office Supply Essentials That Every Office Manager Needs

There are things in every office that are largely taken for granted. They just seem to always be there when you need them. Then one day they aren’t and it’s only then that you realize how important they are for an office to function. Instead of waiting for the day to arrive when you find your office without the essentials, it pays off to understand what the most important supplies are for yours.

Every office is different depending on the industry. For example, the legal office supplies for a lawyer’s office will be different than one for a construction company. Every office manager needs supplies for their desk, whether you manage one employee or a thousand, you’ll always need a few basics to keep your office organized and running smoothly.

However, there are a few items that no office can really live without. In this article, we will go over several of the supplies that every office should stock up on.

1. A paper calendar

Everybody is using their smartphones for just about everything these days including their scheduling. It has replaced dozens of tools that we all used to need and conveniently keep in our pockets. However, that doesn’t mean that we no longer need a paper calendar.

Sometimes technology fails and we need to have a paper backup so we aren’t lost if something happens to our phone or computer. The power can go out, or, your battery dies and you can’t access your schedule for the day. Missing an important meeting could be a disaster.

There is also the benefit of just glancing up from what you are doing and immediately seeing on the calendar hanging in your office what is coming up for the day. It can be a pain to have to go through your phone when you are trying to do other things when you can just look at the paper version hanging on the wall.

2. A filing cabinet

Unless your office has gone paperless, then you need a convenient and efficient way to store your papers so that you aren’t running a disorganized office. It is very important to have a filing system within arm’s reach to make sure that you have easy access to important documents.

There is always a larger filing system for the storage of backups and things like that. However, a smaller system that is next to your desk is very important and will make your life much easier. Make sure that you have one that is easy to organize and has long and wide drawers for getting folders in and out with ease.

3. Washi tape

A fantastic way to stay organized is by using washi tape on important documents. Since the tape is removable, it’s ideal for use to make sure that you have a color-coded system for finding the salient information on a document quickly. This tape has been popular for years among crafters since it can come in a wide variety of designs. However, it has been adopted by office managers everywhere since it has proved to be a valuable tool for staying organized.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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