Video Marketing In 2022: What Works and What Doesn’t

Video marketing has proven to be an effective part of a business’ marketing arsenal, as proven by the statistics one can look into from the previous year.  Research even postulated how both marketers and consumers perceive videos as a powerful way to convince them to purchase a product or avail themselves of services.

The benefits of video in marketing a brand are undeniable; however, before you jump on the bandwagon and start calling your local media production company, you may want to do a little bit of research first.

There’s no doubt that video production experts can help you create a well-crafted video series or vlog for your business. But, if you want to explore this topic more before tapping these specialists, it’s for your own good to get a good feel of what works and what doesn’t in video marketing in 2022.

What Works

If you’re interested in capitalizing on the popularity of video marketing, here are the trends that will work in 2022:

1. Bite-Sized Videos

According to a study by Microsoft, people’s attention span currently only lasts for eight seconds, which is why short videos have also gained traction. The popularity of short videos doesn’t mean using long-form videos for marketing your business is dead. 

Bite-sized videos drive traffic back to your website or a longer video where you tell your market more about your business. Furthermore, since bite-sized videos are easier to consume, people who’re interested in what you’re saying get to repeat it again and again. Hence, your message has a higher chance of penetrating the subconscious, much like television ads.

2. Authenticity Is Key

Another essential thing you need to know when doing video marketing in 2022 is that authenticity is critical. Building authenticity in the video content you produce entails a deep knowledge of your audience, including how they behave and speak. 

Tactics you can use to beef up the authenticity of your videos can include:

  • Casual on-the-fly content that showcases your team or behind the scenes
  • Sharing your journey as an entrepreneur – the ups and downs and how you survive these periods of vulnerability.

3. Vertical Videos Are Here to Stay

With more people using smartphones for just about anything, you should accept that vertical videos are here to stay. Vertical videos are very mobile phone friendly; hence, you should consider producing videos that utilize this entire screen. This type of video is straightforward to use as ads or stories on various social media platforms. 

Statistics show that vertical videos get more views, consistently earn more engagement, and are more likely to retain the attention of viewers compared to horizontal videos.

What To Avoid

With so many things you can use in your video marketing strategy, it can be challenging to sift through what can and can’t work for your brand. To help you with this, here are some things you need to avoid:

1. Ignoring User Generated Content (UGC) In Video

As mentioned above, authenticity is a factor people look into when watching marketing videos, and nothing makes it more authentic than user-generated content. Compared to branded video content, UGC videos are perceived to be more authentic and sincere since this content is usually created by average people or influencers who’re highly relatable to their market.

User-generated content is a precious business asset you can have as it works like promoting your product through word of mouth. UGC videos can come in different forms like testimonials, unboxing, reviews, and the like. The popularity of UGC shouldn’t be ignored, as this type of video marketing content has a significant influence on consumers when it comes to deciding what service or product to purchase.

2. Not Including Live Streams In Your Strategy

Live streams have become popular as the world becomes more immersed online due to the increased demands for remote work. 

A survey even confirmed that 80% of the population polled prefer watching a live video over reading a blog. Live video streams should be part of your marketing strategy, as this activity increases your reach, empowers your brand, and creates a more personal relationship with your followers.

Furthermore, live videos increase audience engagement. Social media platforms reward accounts that maximize the features they roll out, and one feature you can find on most social media apps is the streaming option. Live streams earn more brownie points for your business, significantly increasing your chance of appearing first on your target market’s discover page or ‘for you’ page. 

It’s A Wrap

With cheaper technology, start-ups can compete with the more prominent brands by capitalizing on video marketing. So, if you’ve been on the fence about including videos in your marketing strategy, take this article as the sign to go for it.

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

Dragan Sutevski is a founder and CEO of Sutevski Consulting, creating business excellence through innovative thinking. Get more from Dragan on Twitter. Contact Dragan