Indianapolis Discount Realtors and How to Find One

If you are at least a little interested in real estate, it is hard not to notice that the property prices in Indianapolis are snowballing. Homeowners now want 29% more money than they wanted a few years ago, and with products as big as houses, this can lead to significant changes in the market. Naturally, this situation pushes more property owners to sell their homes and gives a potential buyer a wider variety of options. A high cost is often the real estate agent commission. And realtors in Indianapolis can sometimes cost a lot. So how can you save money when buying a house?

The money you pay to realtors usually feels like a rip-off because it is big enough to buy something valuable. However, such a cost is justified by a few facts. Let us look at a few components involved in this price-setting to understand how it works.

Realtors’ commission

There are many things included in the realtors’ commission. You do not have to hire a photographer, ‌advertise, or cover expenses connected with listings. Realtors arrange ‌these things and ‌charge you for them.

Second, real estate is connected to many risks. Before selling a house, the company you have hired has to spend a lot of money which they will never return unless the house is successfully sold. You usually pay the company, not an actual realtor, so the person you are working with gets only a part of the money you spend.

If you are still dreading having to pay full commission, you can step away from the traditional model of working with Indiana realtors. Real estate brokerages in Indianapolis take a 6% commission, so if you pay $500,000 for a house, ‌pay $30,000 for their service. Only $7000 goes to the actual broker. Then they have to pay taxes, fees, and so on.

Of course, it is still a good check. Still, let’s consider how much work is put into that. It looks earned, as traditional realtors prepare homes for estimations, work with listings, host open houses for potential buyers, create flyers, look for buyers, arrange contracts, etc.

For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

There is also a model in which a homeowner deals with all of these indues themselves; it is called For Sale by Owner or FSBO. It is, of course, exhausting and really time-consuming for someone unaware of the specifics, but the benefit is that you save a lot of money and do not have to hire anybody for the job. Only about 10% of homeowners in Indianapolis go for this model, and with time the number only gets smaller, as well as the number of successful deals the FSBO model makes.

If you do choose this approach, make sure to double-check all the numbers and carefully read all the legal requirements before signing any contracts. Some helpful articles, videos, and books about real estate can help you prepare.

Flat-fee service

Another popular approach in Indianapolis is called the “flat fee” service. A “flat fee” service is a model that budget realtors offer. On one of their websites, you can pay only $100 to $700 for advertising. Homeowners still have to hire a realtor to organize the rest of the process.

Discount Realtors

Discount Realtors in Indianapolis are also quite popular because they offer the lowest prices. These are both budget-friendly and highly efficient, though, of course, you must be careful when choosing a company to work with. Pay attention to aspects such as experience, reviews, and general performance.

How can you save money when working with realtors in Indianapolis?

You can begin by looking for a company to hire in an appropriate price range. Even though the average commission is the same all over the state, different companies may charge differently depending on how long they have been on the market and how famous their brand is. Do not aim at the most expensive company you find as it does not necessarily mean the best quality. However, choosing the cheapest option is also not wise because you are very likely to find inexperienced agents and not be happy with their services‌. Choosing somebody from the middle market is probably the smartest thing to do.

Also, remember that most prices in real estate are usually negotiable. This does not mean that you can easily talk your way through to a perfectly budget-friendly price, but there is always a chance of lowering it at least a little, which can often be helpful.          


In conclusion, there are many approaches you can apply when trying to sell or buy a house. Working with realtors is always cheaper and more efficient than trying to do everything alone, but some models can help you save money when hiring one. Remember that the price you are paying already includes many services you might not be aware of and ‌ask questions if you have any.

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