Make the Most of Your Fence with Mesh Banners

Make the Most of Your Fence with Mesh Banners

Business owners with experience can tell you that being clever with making the most of your property and advertising is an incredibly valuable skill, as discussed in this article. When you’re up and coming in a field of business it may seem necessary to stick to what you know at first.

Go with the familiar advertising routes to build a loyal customer base and not risk much in loss should the campaign not succeed. Now we have all kinds of unique and interesting methods of getting brands out there, you just have to see beyond what you’re already doing. What more can you do to make your establishment work for you?

The answer is simple: Everything is an opportunity. In this case, the fence on your property.

An important difference for effective use

You’ve probably seen a storefront signs like banner clinging to a railing by one surviving string, enough wind and the whole thing becomes a sail almost. These are simply poor designs, even with small holes cut into them in a few places. The material of the sign holds pockets of air easily, unlike mesh fence banners, which are specifically made to allow airflow while still displaying their advertisement beautifully. Even in harsh weather, the mesh allows whipping winds right through and avoids being torn apart.

Picture a tennis court in the bright morning sun, though you can see your friends are already warming up inside, you also notice a vibrant logo hovering just inside your vision. The fence surrounding the court is wearing a banner announcing a special event coming soon! Imagine a baseball field, circled by a fence with mesh banners that could thank the team sponsors. No matter the location and regional weather, the message would still be successfully conveyed and resist the effects of wind.

Not just for advertisements

Mesh fence banners are good for more than simply conveying a message or displaying a brand. If you have a good eye, adding a mesh banner to a chainlink fence can completely transform an outdoor space! Plain chainlink can feel a little too serious sometimes, a little abrasive or dull to look at. With a mesh banner, you can add color to the whole area surrounded by fencing. It brings a touch of class to the overall vibe of any outdoor space.

Say your usual tennis court is hosting a charity event. The planners tell you there will be tables set up with umbrellas and flowers. Ultimately, though, the entire thing will be taking place inside a chainlink fortress. That is until you have the brilliant idea to suggest the planner use mesh banners on the fence to promote the event. Or you could consider creating your own design that would compliment the event by adding visual interest, while also flowing with the theme of your establishment. Now you have something that will improve the appeal of your location year-round.

One of the less obvious but equally important purposes a mesh fence banner can offer is privacy. Host events, gatherings, or practices without feeling like your guests are on display by obscuring some of the views. This can also help create a more intimate setting for special events like live music!

Cost-effective advertising

Consider less successful advertising methods, like billboards that can cost up to $15,000 per month, depending on the type of billboard you rent, based on information found at this link:

When you choose mesh banners to advertise on your own property, you’re not just saving yourself and your business money, you’re making it! Say, for example, you have a square acre of land you use for your establishment. Lining one whole side of the square should be just over 207 feet of possible space for displaying your ad. All of this land is your own, so it won’t be an added expense beyond purchasing the customized design you decide on.

Durability built right in

If you’ve already come up with a thoughtful and dynamic design for your mesh banner, you may be worried about being able to enjoy the finished product for a good while. Obviously, no one wants to put time and energy into a project with high hopes only to be disappointed later by the product’s quality.

The mesh that separates these banners from others is crafted in two different strengths depending on the winds at your location and can be anchored down by sturdy grommets. Rough weather will neither rip your banner apart nor tear it from the fence it is mounted to. No matter what your business concerns, utilizing your own property and the right designs, you can make something special out of an otherwise unremarkable fence.