10 Small Business Blog Topics You Can Cover on Your Business Blog

small business blog topics

Blogging is one of the marketing weapons for small businesses becomes more and more popular. The visibility and expertise of the businesses are much higher with this marketing tool. But, one of the biggest challenges with which entrepreneurs are facing is what to write on the business blog. What are the small business blog topics that need to be covered.

There are many advantages for using a business blog for business purpose. You can read about this in 10 advantages of using blogs for your business.

Simply, your small business blog topics must ensure that your blog is a place where your potential customers will come from time to time and read the content. While they are reading your small business blog topics, they will need to learn something. The reading of your content at the end must motivate them to want to buy from your company, or to create desire for your products and services. In such a way, your business blog can become a great marketing weapon as a magnet for the starting stage of your sales funnel.

10 Small Business Blog Topics You Can Start Writing Now

Now, the most important question is what small business blog topics you will need to cover on your business blog? Here is something that you can start writing right now:

1. Write about your products or services

Describe your products and services in your business blog. Remember that the products and services are something that you want to sell to the readers that are potential customers. When you describe your products and services, give a narrative and graphical presentation of them. Describe the problems that they can solve with your products and services and what is the difference with the competitor’s products and services.

2. Write about your industry

You can write something about news in your industry. Give the reports from industry magazines. What is the future development in the industry? What can they expect in the future of the industry and also from your business? In such a way, you build your expertise about the industry.

3. Write about your own expertise

Present yourself as an expert in the field of your business. The final decision of buying in most cases will depend on your expertise about topics that cover your business blog. Write opinions about certain types of products and services. You can also write about different brands. Present yourself as a problem solver to the potential customers.

4. Write about experiences of satisfied customers

You can present some good testimonials from satisfied customers. When potential customers make a buying decision, they want to see what is the experience of the people who already have and use those products or services. Collect testimonials from satisfied customers and from time to time post fresh recommendations and experiences about your product, your services and your business at all.

5. Write about the problems your customer is having

Every business solves some type of problem that customers have. You can explain those problems in your blog posts. Ask for comments and look for other problems that you can explain. Readers want to read about problems and to identify with them.

6. Create video presentations

Today it is very simple to create and publish video on your small business blog. Video materials will give to your blog reader’s a visualization of your products and services that you want to sell them. Make a video about your products and services and explain every aspect of them.

7. Write about the results from surveys

Why you don’t develop surveys about your business, products, services, market or industry? You need such information, and your small business blog is one of the best places where you can collect such information. After you collect and analyze the data, you can write one or several posts about the results. Try to give your own opinions and future steps that your business will take. Using this advice you can create a large amount of small business blog topics for the future.

8. Blog about current events

Choose some current event and write some piece of information about that. Think what will be interesting for your readers and potential customers. For example, if you go to some seminar about your industry, extract some interested pieces of information and post on your blog. This can become an endless source of small business blog topics for your blog.

9. Answer questions from comments

Every question that you can find in the comments section of your blog posts can be inspiration of next small business blog topics. Give good answers to those questions as a single blog post. Be descriptive and helpful in your answers. In such a way, the readers will feel that they are important for you and your business.

10. General blogging topics

A good strategy sometimes can be to write about general topics from everyday life. You can find those types of topics on other blogs and make your own opinion about that.

Blogging for business in one of the best marketing strategies that you can choose. In such a way, you are continually in a good interaction with the current and potential customers.

Create a list of your blog post for all 10 small business blog topics that I describe here and start writing and publishing. This will increase your business potential energy related to your marketing efforts.  If you start now, you will feel the benefits very soon.