The Shocking Truths You Need to Know For Customers

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You are an entrepreneur that make something from nothing. But, for who you are making something from nothing? Why are you creating something from nothing? You want to be your boss. But, you are wrong. What about your customers?

As an entrepreneur, you have many more bosses who define your work and work for your small business.

Every business has customers or at least should have customers. If companies don’t have customers, there is no business at all.

We are living in the world where with each day the power of buyers to impact your business is larger than yesterday. Your customers have their own needs that you need to know if you want to meet them. They have their problems for which they need a solution that your company can offer to them. They are the most significant potential of your business, as you can see. More buyers mean more sales from one side, and more sales mean more profitability for your company.

Let’s see some shocking truths about your customers, that you as an entrepreneur need to know if you want to survive.

#1 They Are Always Right

That’s true. Your customers are always right. Even you think they are not. It is normal that they can change their behavior. They have been changing their needs. They have different problems. All of that will make them need something more, something better, something unique, etc.

But, your company needs to adjust to their needs. They are always right.

#2 Your Customers Want Excellence

Yes. They want excellence. Who didn’t? Do you want something bad? Do you want something below average? Probably, you want neither bad nor below average.

Because of that, your job as an entrepreneur is always to provide excellence to your customers. If you succeed in delivering excellence, your business will also succeed. Simply, your customers will never stop buying from you.

#3 They Know Their Problems Better Than You

One of the most significant problems of entrepreneurs and their businesses is thinking that they are always better experts about problems of their customers. You need to understand that if your company solves some problems for your customers, they are the persons that know better what their problem is.

You need to listen before you propose the solution for their problems.

#4 They Know That You are Not Alone, and They Can Easily Replace You

Small-business owners didn’t have a monopoly on the market or industry. If you are an entrepreneur, you are a small business owner, and you are not alone in the marketplace. There will always be the competition that makes your customers more powerful than ever.

Always have this in your mind, because there is still someone who waits for your mistakes to earn the new customer.

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#5 They Want Partners and Friends, Not Salesman

The time where there are two persons, one as a salesman and other as a buyer no longer exists. Today, the sales process or sales cycle is more different. You cannot find nor use patterns to define simple routine how to communicate, connect or offer to your customers.

Now, you need to build a partnership with them. You need to be their friend who will help on different aspects of your customer’s personal life if you want they trust you.

If you earn trust, the sales will be much easier.

#6 They Want to Talk About Everything, Not Only about Your Products and Services

Yes. I know that you are an entrepreneur who represents your own business and that you need to promote and talk about your products and services everywhere. But, as a first, you are a human being, the same as your customers. Why not be first human, then entrepreneur and promoter of your own company.

Talk about everything, talk about everyday life, everyday experience… If they can learn something from you unrelated to your company, they can trust you.

#7 They are Your Boss

I know that you start your own business and become an entrepreneur because you want to be your own boss. But, it is not the truth. As an entrepreneur, you have many more bosses. You have customers who dictate how your business will operate. You have suppliers who also dictate different aspects of your business decisions. You have partners who also have their needs from your business.

But, one of the most important and the most influential boss in your business are your customers. Without them, you don’t have a company, and you are not an entrepreneur.

Always when you plan meeting with the prospects or current and potential customers, you need to have these truths in your mind.