12 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

We are now constantly living in the digital space, and the logical step is to cater to your marketing efforts. It’s also a world where trends never stay the same, which means some pitfalls can hurt your business.

Blindly launching your digital marketing strategy without knowing the deadly mistakes will only increase the chances of committing said mistakes. All the time and effort you have poured into your business will go to waste.

There are numerous blunders eCommerce business owners can make. Let’s explore the common digital marketing mistakes to avoid and move your business to success.

1. Not defining and segmenting the target audience

Some first-time business owners believe casting a wide net by spending their budget on a lot of people means they will reach more prospective customers. But that’s not usually the case.

People have different needs and interests. Trying to accommodate everyone won’t help you understand customers’ pain points and wants. The marketing efforts you provide to some people may also be irrelevant to them.

To avoid this, clearly defining your target market using customer personas will generate more relevant leads. Do market research to better understand the niche market you are in. Another good step is talking with prospective customers about their purchasing process.

2. An unclear marketing strategy

The phrase “Victory loves preparation” comes to mind. A marketing strategy lacking structure will only result to an incoherent, immeasurable outcome.

Develop your digital marketing strategy by setting SMART goals. List the tools you would need to achieve those goals, then track your progress. Observe what works and finetune the aspects of the strategy that needs improvement.

3. Neglecting social media

Almost everyone in this world is now on different social media platforms. Thinking you can ignore this goldmine of lead acquisition opportunities is a mistake. Another error is to aimlessly post on social media.

Just like any other aspect of digital marketing, defining goals on social media is commendable. Doing so will lead you to the appropriate social media platforms that house your target market.

Be consistent with the content you post and the time you publish it. Respond to followers’ comments, questions, and posts to create a better customer engagement. Responding to these things will show both existing and prospective customers that you care about their feedback, which can build trust.

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4. Simplistic SEO strategy

Not taking SEO seriously means you will have less SERP visibility. Potential customers won’t be able to find your business online.

Some SEO techniques can help you rank higher. Find the relevant keywords to use on content. Make sure that you create high-quality content that includes multimedia, backlinks, and alt tags.

Monitor your ranking for each keyword and which one turned visitors into leads.

5. Only focusing the budget on paid ads

Spending on Google Ads or Facebook Ads can generate abundant leads. But they can be costly at times.

If your business is already receiving an organic following, it’s best to save paid ads for a later time. Investing in other strategies first, such as content development, can help you create a better-paid ads strategy. That means less expenditure on advertising.

6. Not leveraging social proof

While social proof holds a powerful influence on people’s purchasing decisions, it’s often underused by eCommerce businesses.

Reviews, testimonials, and case studies can increase brand credibility. The trust your previous customers gave you can convert leads as new ones will feel reassured.

7. Low-quality blog content

If you don’t have a blog, you are missing out on a 13x likelihood of seeing positive ROI. A dynamite eCommerce and marketing blog that provides real value can increase brand visibility, grow organic traffic, and builds customer relationships.

Providing value entails publishing content of the highest quality possible. Create well-researched blog posts that your target audience can relate to.

8. Not being mobile-friendly

Activities from mobile devices account for 54% of the global website traffic. So when revamping your eCommerce site for optimization, consider mobile users.

When optimizing, see that the website design also adapts well when viewed on mobile devices.

9. Ignoring the competition

The eCommerce industry is vast; it comes as no surprise to have competitors in the same niche. Ignoring them won’t make them go away.

Instead, analyzing the competition can help you stand out from the crowd. It can uncover new digital marketing opportunities. Conduct a SWOT analysis on your own business and your biggest competitors.

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10. Failure to provide excellent customer service

Superb customer service can lower the risk of customers abandoning their carts. In fact, 70% of customers will only continue their purchase if their issues are resolved well.

Simply ignoring your customers is one of the deadly digital marketing mistakes. It can heavily affect your customer retention.

Offering multiple means of communication for customers to reach your business can create a better customer experience. Include a prominent Contact Us page on your website, a chat widget, an email address, etc.

11. Not tracking marketing performance

Neglecting results is one of the biggest eCommerce marketing mistakes. You won’t know if the campaign is working if it’s not being tracked.

Take charge of your campaigns by defining your goals and turning them into Key Performance Indicators. Make sure that your digital marketing is data-driven.

12. Wanting overnight results

It’s easy to get frustrated and demotivated when you don’t experience immediate results from your efforts.

However, effective digital marketing strategies take time to flourish. It needs abundant visibility before people start to notice your business. You’ll have guaranteed results as long as you stay consistent and diversify your methods.


Knowing these eCommerce marketing mistakes will help you avoid them and make the right decisions. The correct digital marketing strategies will lead you to thrive by boosting conversions and increasing sales. Just keep an eye on digital marketing trends so that you can properly modify yours along the way.

Dragan Sutevski

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