How To Enhance Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is growing in popularity among young adults and others hoping to quit smoking. Its growth in demand may be due to several factors, such as that while it’s not entirely harmless, it’s certainly a safer alternative to smoking. Additionally, vaping offers a wide range of flavors and has no unpleasant odor compared to smoking. Finally, vaping may also be a fun hobby due to the technology and tricks one can get into.

Vaping works using either the mouth-to-lung method (MTL) or the direct-to-lung method (DTL). MTL is ideal if your vaping device is small, has coils with high resistance, and has high nicotine content. To do this technique, you can do the following: 

  • Put vapor inside your mouth, like sipping from a coffee straw.
  • Have the vapor remain inside your mouth for several seconds.
  • Open the mouth.
  • Breathe the vapor into your lungs but don’t swallow it.
  • Finally, exhale after the vapor is in the lungs.

On the other hand, DTL is the better option if you have a larger device with low nicotine and low resistance coils. To do this, you quickly draw in the vapor directly into your lungs, then exhale the vapor immediately. 

That said, vaping can be a fun experience if you do it right. However, to maximize your experience, knowing the correct technique is essential. As such, here’s a guide on how you can enhance your vaping experience: 

Consider Investing More Money

Given the wide range of vaping products and brands on the market, you’ll also find that their price points vary. Often, cheaper devices and e-liquids are adequate but of poor quality compared to their slightly pricier counterparts. As such, to enhance your vaping experience, it might be worth considering investing more money in e-liquids and vaping devices. If you’re looking for retailers with high-quality products, consider learning more about Dr. Dabber.

Since one of the best parts about the vaping experience is the wide range of flavors available, you may want to consider enhancing your experience by investing in better e-liquids. That is because more expensive vape juices are thicker and have fewer-to-no additives.

Moreover, better-quality but pricier vapes are known to have components with higher quality materials, more features, better durability, and more. Not only does this make using your vape device safer, but it can also improve the taste. Some vaping stores give you bang-for-the-buck products to improve your vaping experience without spending too much. Ensure you do your research on the best shop available in your area.

For instance, compared to glass tanks, plastic vape tanks may fail to endure damage from acidic flavors. It negatively affects its appearance over time, and the plastic can mix with the liquid, affecting the taste when you consume it.

Don’t Forget The Battery

The next step to improving your vaping experience would be to maintain or replace your batteries often. Your battery’s quality and performance can also impact your experience. Additionally, poorly maintained and poor-quality vaping devices’ batteries may also put you in danger as their failure may mean your device combusting.

Vaping Experience

As such, to ensure that your batteries are performing well, consider the following: 

  • Check for gunk 
  • Replace when needed 
  • Don’t overcharge your device 
  • Don’t consistently drain it 

Finally, consider also buying spare batteries for your vaping device. It is so that a low-battery device will not prevent you from using your device throughout the day.

Don’t Overlook The Importance of Maintenance

If you wish to improve your vaping experience, consider regularly maintaining your device. Doing so enables you to improve or maintain its performance and check for damage. Moreover, a poorly maintained device with residue build-up may further irritate your throat besides the taste.

To do this, first, check if the coils are burned or crusty. If they are, then it’s time to consider having it replaced. That is because it is not washable or reusable. As such, after using it over time and observing some wear and tear, consider changing it to prevent a damaged coil from negatively impacting your vaping experience.

Another way to maintain your vaping device is to clean the coil and tank regularly. More specifically, consider doing this whenever you change flavors. It will help prevent a weird mix of flavors when using your device.


Vaping can be a fun activity and a great alternative to smoking. It is mainly due to the wide range of vaping tech available that you can work with and the vaping tricks that you can do. However, while vaping can be simple with the MTL or DTL method, maximizing your experience may be an entirely different topic. Hopefully, the guide above on enhancing your vaping experience has helped you improve your vaping experience.

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