Invest in Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) with DotBig Forex Broker

Invest in MSFT stocks with DotBig Forex Broker

Founded in 1975, Microsoft Corp. has become one of the most famous international brands. It brought a lot of revolutionary changes to the tech industry that made the progress much faster. Even people who don’t follow this industry and international business, in general, know about Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) because of its innovative and reliable solutions. Many of us are reading this review from laptops powered by Windows software. And this is just one example of how deeply the company’s products are integrated into our everyday lives.

In 2022, Microsoft remains one of the most successful participants in many sectors related to software and cloud technologies. How does it impact the conditions of the MSFT stock? What is the financial performance of the brand, and what does it mean to shareholders? Let’s answer these and a few more questions.

Performance of the Company

Microsoft isn’t just an innovative brand, it’s a huge conglomerate of businesses that act like cash cows and often improve the general performance of the company. This is a great boost for Microsoft Corp.

In 2022, according to a recent report, the company has already generated more than $146 billion in revenue. In comparison to the same period of the previous year, the revenue grew 20%. Azure, the provider of cloud services owned by Microsoft, contributed a lot to this growth – its revenue increased by 46%.

Microsoft Corp. shows great performance in terms of net income for the first half of 2022. The recent report informed investors about $56 billion in net income, which is 25% higher than the same period the year before.

Key Events

If you take a look at the price movement history of the MSFT stock, you’ll see that the chart shows the stable dynamic of going up. As Forbes reports, over the last 3 years, the stock gained 240%. Here are the key events that impacted this growth.

Trading Conditions with DotBig

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Pros of Investing in MSFT Stocks

  • Since 2014 the company has been showing good results, outperforming the expectations of Wall Street experts, and exploring the cloud computing industry. This all positively impacts the Microsoft stock price.
  • Windows is one of the most popular and reliable operating systems for computers. In this sector, Apple is the only serious competitor for Microsoft.
  • In the USA there are only two companies whose default risks are lower than those of the US government. Microsoft is one of them. This guarantees the stable performance of Microsoft stock.
  • Microsoft is constantly releasing new products and upgrading the existing ones, which helps to increase the revenues generated throughout the fiscal quarter.
  • The MSFT stock doesn’t hide any risks for long-term investors.

Cons of Incesting in MSFT Stocks

  • The MSFT stock is considered to be high right now. It’s supposed to fall in order to acquire its natural value.
  • Microsoft Corp. faces challenging competition in every industry it participates. Besides, the competitors are some of the best-performing businesses such as Amazon and Apple.

Final Thoughts

Considering the resilience and stability of the company, we dare conclude that the Microsoft stock is a good long-term investment in 2022. It’s one of the most reputable tech companies that still have the capabilities to explore a number of new sectors, including metaverse, for example. Invest wisely!