Why Are Check-Ins Important in Your OKR Framework?

Why Are Check-Ins Important in Your OKR Framework

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting methodology used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results. OKRs help you track progress, create alignment, and encourage engagement within the organization. OKRs have been used for years by some of the world’s leading organizations to set and enact their strategies.

The company needs to have weekly check-in’s for their OKR process not only to work smoothly but also to be sustainable. Incorporating a weekly check-in for your OKR program will allow you to focus on what is going well, identify any areas that could be improved and make necessary adjustments.

During the weekly check-in, employees can discuss many things, such as:

  • Current OKR Status of OKRs
  • Change since the last Check-in.
  • Initiatives of the current week
  • What are the high-impact initiatives or projects that the team will work on to move the key result number?
  • Updates from last week
  • learning from projects done in the past
  • Risks or Blockers, if any?

Some companies do not keep regular check-ins after OKR workshops suffer in the long run. However, Companies that have a culture of check-ins tend to be more productive than those without them. Here are some benefits of having weekly check-ins:

Builds Trust and Support

One of the most important ways to establish trust with your employees is through communication. Weekly check-ins allow you an opportunity for one on ones, which can help build rapport and encourage questions from team members about what they need or want to be supported properly. The key aspect here isn’t just having these conversations but making sure that all parties involved feel heard.

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Develops a sense of responsibility

The weekly check-ins provide an opportunity for employees to discuss any issues or concerns they might have. This helps them stay on top of what is expected from within the company, as well as reinforce good behavior patterns that will lead to success in their roles long term. The practice ensures all staff members are aware and current with corporate expectations so no one can procrastinate.

Increases Motivation & Productivity/engagement

Constant check-ins are a great way to motivate your employees and create an environment where they feel appreciated. This, in turn, helps improve the performance & productivity levels of employees.

Open & clear communication channel

Check-ins are an excellent way to make sure your employees are happy and content. When managers talk with their team members in an open line of communication, it provides a sense of happiness. Frequent checkups with them will give you insight into their current work situation so that any problems or concerns may be addressed immediately. This increases morale which ultimately improves performance levels among employees as well as fosters positive relationships between coworkers/managers alike.

Creating Accountability

Weekly check-ins are a great way to maintain your accountability by directly addressing performances more quickly than in an office only using annual or quarterly performance reviews.

Identifying promotion potential

Your weekly check-ins provide an excellent opportunity to identify employees who might be strong candidates for promotion. Check-ins can help you make more informed decisions when considering promotions.

To follow up on your OKR action plan, set some time to check in regularly with your team and track progress and actions. Your OKR check-in meetings can be done once a month or bi-weekly to keep track of where you are and what it takes to get where you want to be.

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