Best Sales Coaching Software 2022

Best Sales Coaching Software 2022

Due to the unprecedented competition being experienced by businesses today, sales teams need to be equipped with the latest tools. A marketer might have multiple conversations with potential customers on any given day. Remembering the details of the conversations might be harder when the marketer wants to arrange for a follow-up.

A sales coaching software eliminates this challenge by providing the most effective sales coaching solutions. It enables the team to analyze sales calls to help the team retune its marketing techniques to improve the chances of closing sales. Developers have created a wide range of sales coaching tools, but here are the best ones.


Bitrix24 is a top choice tool preferred mainly by consultants and sales managers. The tool is used by over 8 million organizations globally. It is free, open-source software that perfectly serves as a CRM tool. A user can use their mobile phone to leverage the tool’s features and generate invoices, current client lists, quotes, and calls database.

To offer better services to customers, a business owner must integrate important sales tools with sales coaching software, something which is a norm in the industry these days. The sales coaching tool from Revenue Grid is a plug-in that integrates everything with salesforce, including mail, calendar, messages, and history of communications with customers. Its main features include team analytics, sales sequences, revenue signals, and deal guidance.  


Gong analyzes a sales team’s marketing journey to give you total visibility in every deal. Managers can use it to view how their team performed on a specific day or period. It gives you an idea of what is happening in the market and signals any changes that require fast action before you lose opportunities. It provides managers with a wide range of benefits.

  • An idea of revenue growth per salesperson
  • Saves time for opening and closing a deal
  • Forecasting of deals
  • AI-generated team coaching strategies
  • Ideas that give clear information for making important decisions
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Chorus.a is a leading sales conversion intelligence that makes all interactions add value to a business. It provides a wide range of solutions to businesses and teams, including:

  • Enterprise centric solutions
  • Customer team leaders
  • Frontline managers
  • Sales representatives
  • Marketing professional teams

The tool generates information for telephone calls made, meetings held, and emails sent. It generates data and sends insights to the sales team. The tool leverages on latest AI features to generate information consistently. It analyzes customer behavior to deliver visibility that ensures the sales teams win.


Mindtickle is a ready sales platform that helps sales teams identify and push them to excellence. The main solutions the tool provides to companies include:

  • Sales training
  • Partner enablement
  • Sales onboarding
  • Sales certification

With the AI sales solutions provided by this tool, sales teams are likely to increase revenue by nearly 64 percent within the first four months. The time managers spend on onboarding after a new hire is reduced by about 50 percent. The technology is a good choice for use by sales teams and content managers. It provides conversion intelligence and has an all-in-one coaching tool.


Sybill leverages AI algorithms to understand the body language of a customer during a zoom call. The tool generates results that show if the customer was happy or unhappy during the call. It also shows if the salesperson was engaging enough during the conversation. During verbal sales communication, the nonverbal aspects of a person communicate more than the verbal.

If the salesperson fails to recognize the body language, they will miss important signals and could lose the customer. With the insights generated by this tool, a salesperson understands better what the customer could be interested in. They can use the insights to suggest relevant products the customer might want to buy. After a telephone conversation, the salesperson easily reviews the important information and the next steps to take.


Salesken is created to turbocharge sales performance for improved revenue growth. The tool uses its AI features to predict customer needs and generate personalized sales product suggestions. It helps sales teams correct mistakes once they happen and avoid further mistakes from happening. With this tool, sales teams can increase sales by up to 22%. The team can increase closed deals by more than 70 percent. It has a five-star rating due to its reliability in delivering excellent results and suggestions.