5 Tools to Help You Obtain A DBA Degree

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an accomplished professional, a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree can empower you with additional insights you can apply to steer your business or career to greater heights. A DBA degree is a worthwhile investment and one of many postgraduate degrees at the highest level of academia that offer practical knowledge beneficial to workplaces. It is best suited for individuals with extensive industry experience seeking to acquire business knowledge based on the most recent business case studies, research, and theories.

Undertaking a rigorous program like the DBA while running a business and attending to other roles, like family, can be daunting. However, this mustn’t be the case because you can reach out for assistance at different stages of your academic journey. Today, various online tools and professional services firms can make your postgraduate studies more bearable by assisting with dissertation editing, proofreading, and referencing, among others.

Let’s now take a brief look at five tools that can take off some weight while you’re in pursuit of higher studies:

1. Dissertation Editing

Your dissertation provides evidence of your doctorate qualification by presenting your research and findings. After the grueling task of conducting research, you’re still required to write your findings and defend them to your doctoral supervisor and dissertation committee. Despite high-quality research, some students don’t graduate on time as they keep getting turned back for corrections about the flow, structure, referencing style guide, and other issues. Dissertation editing can eliminate such problems, save time by ensuring you graduate when expected, and help reduce anxiety levels.

An outsider’s perspective of your written work can help to identify common writing flaws that aren’t too obvious but can still catch doctorate supervisors’ watchful eyes.

You must also factor in some things while relaying your research findings into written format because they influence your document’s readability and overall appearance. For instance, dissertation editing improves your flow and structure and helps write your reference by your university’s preferred guide. Most dissertation editors are well-versed doctorate holders with academic writing requirements.

2. Proofreading

As with editing, having an outsider look over the content of your final draft further refines it by ensuring everything is accurate. Going back to try and proofread the content of your DBA dissertation might not account for much because it’s almost impossible to identify and correct errors you missed.

Proofreading comprises final touches on your DBA draft and is done by English experts to correct grammatical, punctuation, syntax, and spelling mistakes. Proofreading professionals comb through your document with a toothpick, identifying errors that you missed while you actively engage in writing your findings. After proofreading, your dissertation draft is considered ready for submission.

3. Research Proposal Writing

Working on your DBA research proposal can be a time-consuming activity that can also get frustrating. You might consider outsourcing this part of your DBA journey to research labs comprising highly skilled professionals who can tailor a suitable proposal for your intended study area. If there’s a need, these professionals can also help with fieldwork and analysis, saving you a lot of time.

DBA Degree

4. Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism has become a critical issue with severe consequences in academic circles. You don’t want to be flagged for representing another person’s work as your own. However, during your DBA studies, you can’t avoid referring to the existing body of knowledge comprising studies done by others. There are plagiarism-checking software products available to help remove any instances in your dissertation that suggest you plagiarized another person’s content. These tools also help ensure that even what you’ve paraphrased can be accepted as original content. 

5. Citation Tools

Your readers need to know the various sources of your content, which you can achieve by citing your references as you write along. In addition, your DBA dissertation must have a bibliography section organized in the right way. Today, you can refer to numerous online tools to help manage citations and quickly frame and organize bibliography entries. 


Whereas a DBA degree can enhance your managerial skills and set you up for excellent career or entrepreneurial opportunities, attaining one can be a challenging process that can take years. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be the case with the advent of online tools and professionals that help with proposal writing, research, and various dissertation writing services. If, like most business executives, you are constrained by time, consider outsourcing parts of your dissertation writing to professionals with the requisite skills and experience to get it right the first time.

Dragan Sutevski

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