Why You Should Hire a Business Valuation Company for Your Startup

Finding out the value of a startup involves more than checking its stock price. To discover how much the startup is worth, business owners need to conduct a business valuation. Business valuation is the procedure of estimating a business’s worth.

An analyst will consider a variety of things to value a business correctly. These include what the business offers, its financial performance, and current economic conditions. They will also look at the value of the business’s assets and liabilities. Finally, if a startup has any one-of-a-kind technology, the analyst will include it in the valuation.

Valuing a business takes immense skill and experience. A business valuation company can help determine the worth of a startup. The information obtained from the valuation will help improve the business. Read on to discover reasons to hire a business valuation company for a startup.

Benefits of Working With a Business Valuation Company

Hiring a business valuation company may result in many benefits for a business. Some of them include:

Understand a Business’ Performance

Many business owners only have a general idea of how their business is performing. They mostly rely on stock market price, the total value of assets, and bank balances. But, evaluating a business’s performance involves more than that.

An analyst will look at the startup’s financial statements with a business valuation. They will examine past and current financial statements to understand trends better. Other things that an analyst from a valuation company will consider include the following:

  • Operating ratios
  • Company liquidity
  • Leverage
  • Coverage ratios

All these factors will help give a clearer view of a startup’s performance. A valuation company will also provide a thorough financial analysis.

The analysis will identify the startup’s strengths and weaknesses. It will also act as a benchmarking tool. It will help owners compare their business’s performance to others in the industry.

Obtain Financing for the Startup

Entrepreneurs may want to get a loan for their business. A business valuation may be one of the requirements that a bank will need to approve the loan. A valuation as a requirement is more likely if someone wishes to use the funds for an acquisition. The startup’s valuation will show the true market value of the business.

Note that banks also do their own valuation for a business. Their valuation is usually more conservative. So, it would help if a business also took a conservative approach during valuation.

A business valuation helps financial institutions decide on the kind of financing to provide. Banks also conduct a valuation to ensure your business can service a loan.

A business valuation gives entrepreneurs better access to investors. Entrepreneurs can provide investors with a projection of their business’s valuation. Doing so will help them secure funding to grow or save a business from ruin.

Maximize the Value of Mergers and Acquisitions

A business’s valuation is one of the most crucial things during mergers and acquisitions. A fair business valuation can influence the success of mergers and acquisitions. Any company that wants to buy another business needs to know that the asking price is fair.

The same applies to a business that wants to sell itself. It will want to know if the offer is fair. A business that wishes to merge with another would need to know what a fair share of ownership entails. A business valuation company can help with all the above scenarios.

An accurate view of a business’s value will help with negotiations during mergers and acquisitions. When someone knows their startup’s true value, they can tell if an acquisition offer is too low. They can then try to show the real value of their business and its growth potential to get a better offer.

Better Estate Tax Planning

A business valuation company can accurately determine a startup’s value. The valuation will help establish what the estate taxes are. It will also help in planning how to better pay or avoid taxes in future years. 

Also, if someone leaves their business to their family, they must do tax planning. Doing so will help ensure they don’t leave their family with the burden of paying huge taxes. Such a burden may affect the family’s lifestyle and personal businesses. By conducting a business valuation, one can know their estate taxes and plan to pay them.

Effectively Resolve Internal Disputes

There are many sources of disputes in the running of a business. Examples are contract, shareholder, and acquisition disputes. Contract disputes may happen due to a breach of contract or delays in starting a project. The other two disputes may occur because of problems with mergers and acquisitions.

To resolve any disputes, the correct valuation of a company is essential. That is where a business valuation company comes in. Disputing parties often provide their analysis of the business’s value. Usually, each side’s valuation will support their argument.

Biased valuations can’t help resolve a conflict. So, arbitrators can’t choose any competing valuations for dispute resolution. Instead, a third-party valuation company may get contracted to do a valuation. The valuation will help solve issues without bias. Valuation is crucial to resolution, be it a conflict over dissolving a partnership or a failing merger.

Correctly Decide on Employee Benefits

Establishing the value of a startup can help entrepreneurs develop a stock bonus plan for employees. The plan can also help them attract skilled workers to the business. For such a plan to work, there must be a base value. The value helps determine the value a worker adds to the business over time.

It also allows owners to compensate workers for properly contributing to the business’s growth. Compensation may happen upon the firm’s sale or merger in the future.

Business valuation is also essential when establishing an employee stock ownership plan. The valuation would help decide the number of shares to include in the plan.

Entrepreneurs would also need to do regular valuation. Doing so will help them know how many more shares the plan acquired. Regular valuation will also let them know the share distribution among employees.

Final Thoughts

A business valuation will help entrepreneurs set goals to increase the value of their startup. They can also compare their business’s annual valuation to determine improvement opportunities. Regularly hiring a business valuation company provides business owners with critical information.

Dragan Sutevski

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