Best Diversity Recruitment Software

Are you trying to hire a diverse team of talent for your business? Indeed, there are many benefits to hiring a range of different candidates. But, in reality, it can be hard to find them on your own. This is why more businesses are choosing to use diversity recruitment software. It is a way to make finding the right applicants easier, as well as ensure that personal bias does not play a part in choosing the right candidates for a position.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best diversity recruitment software you can use.


First on the list is Greenhouse. This is one of the most popular types of recruitment software you can use to make sure you can access a diverse talent pool. In particular, it is a platform that states that it cares about diversity. So, you can know that this is going to be dealt with. They have a range of cool features to make sure that everyone is comfortable. For instance, each applicant is able to record their name. This way, an employer will know how to correctly pronounce their name and start off on a good foot.


Next on the list, we have Joonko. Their goal is to allow everyone an equal opportunity of landing their perfect job. In particular, they want to help underrepresented professionals access the business world they have the expertise for. Since it is automated, you are going to save a lot of time and still be able to access talented candidates. In particular, Joonko aims to deliver quality applicants, which means that you can use their software with peace of mind. You can read more about their diversity recruitment software/ recruitment software by hitting the link.


Bias can creep into choosing candidates to interview. While some people are aware of what they are doing, others are not. But, both have the same effect, and good candidates for the job can be turned down for interviews. So, this is where Seekout comes in. This is software that is going to allow you to reduce bias and make sure that you are giving everyone a fair opportunity of being hired by your company. Filters can be used to find candidates, such as removing the initial names and photos so that this does not sway someone’s decision.


Another AI-powered software you should consider to make sure that you are encouraging diversity is Hired. You are going to receive notifications in real-time if you are showing bias that you may not be aware of. Plus, you can screen candidates without their personal details to avoid this from influencing your decisions.

What’s more, it is faster to find candidates on Hired since everyone is ready to interview. This is more of a marketplace but it is easy to use and it is particularly good for the tech industry. So, if you need to hire staff for your tech business, this might be a place you want to try to get the right candidates for the job.

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