How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy

You may find TikTok a little frustrating. You can spend weeks creating amazing animations or spend thousands setting up shots for your videos, and somehow you are out-classed by a woman who has 3000 videos of her in different low-cut tops. She doesn’t even say anything, and her numbers dwarf your own. Is she using click-bots? Probably, and yet there is just as much chance her followers are real, and it probably angers you.

Well, you are right to feel anger. TikTok is a weird one to crack since the promoted audience is adults, but the videos are predominantly made by very young (often too young) people. Here is a little advice to help you get ahead of the thin-blouse-wearing TikTok competition.

Your Strategy Must Include Experimentation

The reason why funny posts are not doing as well on TikTok as they are on YouTube, Instagram, and even Facebook is that each one is hit or miss. Each one is like an experiment on its own. Will people like this one?

You have probably noticed that the most successful TikTok-ers have a general theme that they stick to, but that doesn’t matter to you. You can pick a theme after you have broken 10,000 followers. Until then, try to aim for a theme but plan to experiment. One of your experimental pieces will get much traction and help direct your future channel growth.

Paying Other Influencers

It is actually a terrible idea to offer money to TikTok-ers. Almost all of them think their work is priceless, and any offer you give them will only strengthen the idea that they are heading for the big time.

Instead, offer them items and products in return for exposure. Not only do they get a bunch of free gifts, but if you throw in a few of your pricier items, then you enjoy the soft-cost benefit, and they think they are getting a really great deal and will promote whatever you tell them to.

Cross-Market With Other Accounts

We all talk about how valuable things like influencers’ recommendations and mentions are, but what if you owned an influencer account? What if you owned several on TikTok, Instagram, and many others?

In short, gain, buy, or grow more than one account and use them to promote your main account. Make this part of your long-term strategy since there is a chance your other accounts will also gain a reasonable amount of fame and success, which you can use to further your message or product. In the short term, you can use a service like Fameswap and buy some influential accounts.

Forget Timing – Just Forget It

Too many online tools and online articles tell you about the best times to post, and it honestly doesn’t matter. The initial exposure to your work will “ALWAYS” come behind the people who are paying money to TikTok, and it is those people who get the best time slots.

For new people, your posts will appear here and there, and will actually appear higher up the ladder if you have other social media accounts pointing to your TikTok posts. The people who follow your account won’t care what time you post because they will end up seeing your posts anyway, so don’t worry about what time to post your content.

Buy 700 Coins Per Time

Get your coins from the desktop site to save a hefty chunk when compared to buying from the app. Also, promote your posts, but only do it for 600 or 700 coins at a time. Smaller, short-lived promotions always offer the best value. Plus, you can learn more from smaller promotional runs.

Dragan Sutevski

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