How to Reduce Your Non Value Adding Time in 5 Minutes?

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How much time you spend daily on your value adding activities in your business?

On the other hand, maybe it is better to ask how much time you spend on your non-value adding tasks?

As entrepreneurs, we need to be more productive. We need to improve our businesses in every possible aspect that can give us the best results, or the best return of our investments that can be in the form of money, energy or time spending.

If we focus ourselves in creating more worth for our business, we will be better entrepreneurs.

Let’s look in the process that can enable you to reduce your non-value adding time spending in five minutes.

Minute #1: Make a List of All of Your Activities in an Average Business Day

Sit down and spend the first minute in making a list that will obtain all of your tasks in an average business day that you need, or you actually accomplish.

Here, you can put your meetings with the employees, or checking email, answering emails, phone calls, making agreements…

Put as much as possible tasks on the list, don’t think about anything, only write them.

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Minute #2: On Each Activity add a Sign That Means Add Value or Don’t Add Value

Now, when you have your list, and you already know about how you are spending your working hours you can simply pass again all the tasks in the second minute and mark them as a value added or non-value added activities.

Minute #3: Look at All Non-Value Adding Activities and Delete All of Them That You Think is Not Need

In the third minute, you need to look and quickly analyze all of your tasks that didn’t add value to your business. You can always find activities that are not important, or simply they are not needed for the existence of your business.

If they are having no significance for your business, you can simply delete them from the list.

Minute #4: Look at All Remained Activities That Don’t Add Value, But You Think Must Be Accomplished and Delegate Them

Now, your list is contained with important value adding activities and activities with not so much importance in adding value but need to be accomplished for the normal operations of the business.

Simply, your fourth minute will be to get away all of the remaining non value adding tasks from the list and delegate them to one or more of your team members. You are entrepreneur, and your job is to focus on tasks that will add value to your own business.

Minute #5: Again Check What’s Remaining, and Make Your Final List of Activities

Your list now contains only value adding activities. Even so, you will not lose anything if you spend the last, fifth minute to check again your list. Maybe you will find that something was forgotten or omitted and need to be added to the list.You can find that some of the value-added activities are not so important and can be delegated to one of your team members.

The purpose in the last minute is to once again finally clean your list, because if it is too long, it will not guarantee your success because you can’t accomplish everything.