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6 Tips on Starting a Career Without Any Experience!

6 Tips on Starting a Career Without Any Experience

Starting a career is just like running a marathon. It is not only long but is full of ups and downs. However, if determined, you can efficiently finish the marathon and that too within time. The same goes for trying to set up a career in any field without any experience. It is similar to running a marathon and going up the hill! Now, in this situation, an intelligent runner would avoid running without any plan and training.

As per a famous paradox in the job market, you cannot land a good job without experience, and you cannot get experience without a job! However, it can be reversed easily with the help of some tips and obtaining relevant information from a mentor.

Expert Advice On Starting A Career With No Experience

Here are some relevant tips and tricks as given by experts for people who wish to start a career but are scared to do so due to lack of experience. These tips work well for both Freelancers vs self employed and help people build a career with little or no experience.

Focus On Your Present Skills

It may be true that you do not have work experience to show, but it is also true that you can always cover it up with your skills. These skills can be your education, technical knowledge, or any internship you have done.

Also, your cover letter can contain information about your working attitude, any motivation ideas, and any good ideas about the future you may have.

Training is Important

Now, lack of experience in the field is one aspect that can be ignored to some extent. However, a lack of relevant skills for a particular job can never be ignored. Thus, it is essential to train yourself to become skilled enough to meet the employer’s expectations.

Once you have selected the field, choose a relevant course, earn diplomas or certificates, attend training sessions, and, if possible, earn a degree. This would prepare you for the job and impress your employer with your dedication to doing well and giving your hundred percent to the job.

Seek Different Scopes of Work

Though this may be a little disheartening, the best way to gain experience at little or no pay you may go for an internship, volunteer, or freelance work. These different roles may not be high paying but do possess the potential to help you get skills and gain relevant experience.

Working in these different roles can also provide you with enough information to fill your resume. Thus, it is advisable to take up these jobs even if you are not satisfied with the payment. Remember, this is just a minor phase that goes a long way in successfully setting up a career.

Make use of Platforms

With social media and networking sites running the job mill, it is essential to make an identity there. These platforms offer ample opportunities for freshers and experienced alike seeking a job.

Use these platforms, look for suitable opportunities, seek professionals who have made a mark for themselves in your desired field, and try to connect with them. Some of these platforms include Linkedin, Upwork, Indeed, etc.

Networking is Important

Networking is the golden word in the job field. Maintaining a network is important for experienced people as well. Forming connections can help you get to know about a good job and can work as best referrals.

In fact, firms are more likely to hire someone who comes with a recommendation from someone they know and trust. Thus it is advisable to seek appropriate channels and make efforts to connect with people and acquaintances.

These connections could be your seniors, friends, family members, or acquaintances you meet on social media.

Get Soft Skills

Apart from technical skills, it is also essential to develop some soft skills. These soft skills include communication, leadership, interpersonal, and organizational skills. Thus, focus on achieving these skills even if you do not have these inherent.

Many training courses teach people how to multitask, how to speak fluently in public, how to organize themselves, and how to motivate themselves. A resume that boasts these soft skills will surely attract more attention and stand apart from the crowd.

Final Words

Remember, every successful professional you meet today was unemployed and fresh out of college at one point in time. However, with time and some help, they were able to avail an opportunity that helped them to be successful. You can also do the same and build a career even without experience. So, make use of these tips mentioned above and wage war against unemployment with dedication and planning. Happy job hunting!

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