5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Working Outside

5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Working Outside

Are you starting to feel trapped working in an office all day? Maybe you should think about switching to something you can do outside. You could start your own little business on the side, so you don’t need to quit your job.

It’s perfect for anyone who is struggling financially and mentally right now. You could be your very own boss within a few years. I know you’ll probably have a job in mind, but let’s look at a few ideas you can use.

1. Clean Windows And Gutters

Do you know anyone with replacement windows in Surrey, BC? I bet they’ll pay to have them cleaned every few weeks. Ask everyone within walking distance of your home, which should guarantee a few customers if you’re well-liked.

Clean gutters once you’ve cleaned the windows for extra cash. Teach people it’s vital to have clean windows/gutters using a Facebook page or Instagram. You’ll only need a ladder and basic supplies to get started.

2. Starting A YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel focused on something you’re interested in. Someone from New York could start making videos about famous locations in movies, which would involve shooting all around the city.

It’s possible to start a channel about anything people will enjoy watching. The hardest part is waiting for traffic, but it doesn’t matter if you love working outdoors. Your journey will feel as rewarding as financial success.

3. Group Training At The Park

It’s tough to earn lots of cash training people 1-on-1, so train everyone together. I’m sure you live near a local park where you can exercise. Clients will appreciate it if you bring items like kettlebells and skipping ropes.

You will only need a basic qualification to get started. Don’t train anyone before you’re certified because you won’t be insured. Ask your clients to sign up for monthly packages if you want to maximize profits.

4. Delivering Food On A Bicycle

It’s possible to earn money on food delivery apps if you don’t have a car, but you must live in a city or large town. You’ll be able to ride around on a bicycle, which will help you burn lots of calories every night.

You’ll spend almost every second outdoors in the fresh air. You won’t need to work when it’s raining because you’ll choose your own hours. Anyone with a vehicle can work for apps like Uber and Lyft too.

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5. Walking Dogs Along The River

Many people underestimate dog walking as a way to earn great money. It’s created millionaires in the past, and it’s still possible to become rich. The most successful entrepreneurs have affluent clients in nice neighborhoods.

Look for people who can afford to spend money on their pets. You will need to get creative to walk multiple dogs at once. It’s possible to start slowly in the beginning, so it’s worth trying if you love dogs.

It’s Time To Forget What You Know

Everyone is trained to think you need to work 9-5 and spend time with family in the evenings. Forget what you know when trying to build your own business because it’s more likely you’ll succeed.