4 Ways Office Design and Layout Impacts Employee Productivity

A working space’s design and layout are two of the many factors that affect employee productivity. Therefore, you must be mindful of where you choose to have your business’s offices. If you’re constructing an office from scratch, research the essential amenities you must have in the office. It includes but is not limited to good chairs and desks, well-furnished washrooms, high-speed internet to facilitate communication, a kitchen, and a coffee lounge.

However, if you need a temporary office or don’t have the time to build an office, there is a solution available for you. You may consider serviced offices Brisbane or other similar providers that delivers everything you need. They also include ready staff that you can merge with your team to keep processes rolling. Regardless of where you are, you can get such an office.

4 Ways Office Design and Layout Impacts Employee Productivity

So, whether you’re purchasing or leasing office space, here are some of the ways you can consider to make your design and layout impact employee productivity:

1. Create Personal Spaces for Your Staff

Generally, everyone requires a personal space where no one else can encroach. This is significant in an office setting because your staff needs to be able to concentrate on their work. Each one of them would love and enjoy the privilege of privacy. Hence, if your budget can cater for a single office occupancy for every one of your employees, that might be the best way to go. 

On the other hand, you can have an open office whereby some top desk boards form boundaries between employees. You can also provide them with desks that come with lockable drawers to keep their office utilities safe. Moreover, because they won’t have to share a piece of equipment, giving each of your staff their own devices, such as printers, can boost employee productivity. As a result, they will feel more motivated to put in long hours because they have all they need.

2. Improve Your Office’s Ergonomics

The process of leveling up the working environment to eliminate potential health concerns and lessen strain is simply referred to as ergonomics. Improving your office’s ergonomics may be applied to your furnishings. For instance, you may provide your employees with desks and chairs that they can use for lengthy periods of time. A comfortable chair will help in ensuring that employees’ backs, joints, and hands are free from pain as a result of discomfort. Keep in mind that a lack of adequate furnishings could lead to stress or anxiety, which could reduce employee productivity. 

In the same spirit, ensure that employees’ computers can be adjusted to a position that best suits them. If they need to sit for extended periods, you can provide them with footrests to prevent foot swelling.

Office Design and Productivity

3. Consider The Necessary Elements

In addition to the essential furniture, it would be beneficial to consider the other elements of your office space that can impact productivity. It includes having an air conditioner (AC) to regulate the internal temperature of your office. During winter, an AC is essential in keeping the room warm. On the other hand, during summer, an AC helps create a cooling effect. 

Moreover, your workplace should get enough ventilation, primarily through the windows. You can regulate the temperature, allow free circulation of air, and save on energy costs by choosing an office with operable windows. You just need to make sure that they are also large enough to allow natural light in. But if necessary, you can add overhead lights that are easy on the eyes and won’t cause strain.

Additionally, ensure that the walls of your offices are soundproof. It protects your employees from noise interference from outside and gives your management greater privacy when they have to discuss confidential business matters.

Finally, if you work in an open office space, you can adopt a functional setup for your desks and chairs. An interior designer can aid in this and may also recommend a color scheme that can encourage your staff to be motivated and focused.

4. Add An Employees’ Lounge

There aren’t many companies that offer a lounge for staff members, yet having one can greatly increase their productivity. That said, you might want to consider including an employees’ lounge in your office space that has comfortable sofa sets and speakers for listening to music. It can be utilized as a place to nap during breaks or just to unwind for a bit.

To help the employees temporarily switch their attention away from work, soothing music can be played in the room. They can also use the lounge to meet up with their co-workers and have coffee.

Final Thoughts

Your personnel, in addition to business revenue, are crucial to the success of your enterprise. You must therefore give them a workspace that encourages increased productivity while also providing them with the comfort they require to reduce stress. This way, you can enjoy a good working relationship with your workers since they’d feel appreciated and cared for. So, if you want to improve the design and layout of your office for your employees, consider the tips mentioned in this article.

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