Who can Provide Tax Preparation Services for Entrepreneurs?

Who can Provide Tax Preparation Services for Entrepreneurs

Beginning a small business from the ground up is not an easy feat. If you are an entrepreneur learning the ropes, working with tax preparation can cause you valuable time and resources. You’ll soon find yourself spending long hours without tending to the immediate needs of your business.

With your attention shifting to tax preparation, planning for your business expansion and future will be difficult. It is why we advise business owners to hire professional tax preparers. By seeking the help of tax preparation services, it will share many advantages with your venture.

But who can provide you with tax preparation services?

Tax Preparation Professionals

Who are valid tax preparers, and how can they help your business?

Tax preparers can take various types of professionals. Overall, regarding tax preparation methods, we know tax professionals as tax preparers.

A tax preparer prioritizes keeping your business on the right financial path. Completing tax forms and ensuring you pay taxes on time is a specialty. Armed with sufficient knowledge of tax laws, filing tax forms, and fielding adequate software and tools: tax preparers will add value to your business concerning your financial sector.

Certified Public Accountant

CPAs are professional accountants who have credentials directly from state boards. Searching for credentialed tax preparers is similar to asking the question: Are there any CPAs near me specializing in tax preparation?

A CPA can provide various accounting services. Keep in mind that CPAs can work for you depending if they work in their public practice or under any formal organization as a professional. Here is a list of services that a Certified Public Accountant can offer:

  • Organizing financial statements
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Ensuring the data within financial statements are accurate
  • Fill up tax forms
  • Prepare Tax returns
  • Provide financial forecasts
  • Auditing Services

Enrolled Agent for Taxes

Enrolled Agents are tax specialists able to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Many enrolled agents have unlimited practice rights and are allowed to represent various taxpayers:

  • Individuals
  • Tax Paying Organizations
  • Business Entities

Aside from representing their clients to the IRS, they can also deal with federal tax issues. Enrolled Agents can also fill up tax forms, deal with tax returns, and defend taxpayers during audits.

Tax Attorney

Tax Attorneys are lawyers specializing in tax laws and disputes. To become a tax attorney, a person must complete a college and a law degree. After getting their respective degrees, they can take their license after completing the bar exam. The next step for an aspiring tax attorney is obtaining a state license which requires different character traits to pass.

What can Credentialed Tax Preparers do for You?

Entrepreneurs wanting to tackle tax preparation methods on their own might lose precious time tending to their endeavors. However, if a business owner chooses to hire a tax preparer, it ensures them more space to deal with their ventures.

Help with Your Finances

Tax preparers working for any business organization might tackle various tasks such as filing tax forms, dealing with tax returns, and even ensuring the periodic payment of taxes. Hiring a professional tax preparer will grant entrepreneurs valuable knowledge. Tax advisors can formulate financial plans and share advice.

Create a Business Plan

The minds of entrepreneurs constantly produce ideas that can apply to their business ventures. However, all the ideas that a business owner has might be ineffective if improperly applied. A tax preparer can help you transform your ideas into a viable business plan while ensuring your finances won’t suffer.

Keep Finances on Track

Any existing business won’t be afloat if its finances cannot keep up with its daily operations. Tax preparers will keep your finances on track by applying modern tools and methods. A team of financial specialists can directly tend to your tax preparation and solve existing financial problems your business might be facing.


Tax preparation services can be accomplished by credentialed tax preparers. Today, tax preparers can either be Certified Public Accountants (CPA), enrolled agents (EA), or Tax attorneys. The responsibilities of a tax professional might vary and also depend on the organization or entity working with them.