Top 4 Events to Hold to Advertise Your New Startup

Although it is highly profitable, having and running your own business can be very challenging. The modern market is highly competitive, as buyers are in control and know everything about your business before they even set foot in your shop. That’s why investing in suitable campaigns to market and promote your new startup is crucial, and many events can be great for this.

Among the top strategies used to promote startups, business events have proven a game changers. They are essential in creating relationships and finding loyal customers for your brand. That’s why most modern business people are increasingly employing these business events to establish their companies in the game.

Top 4 Events to Hold to Advertise Your New Startup

Whether it is a startup or a new business, there are several types of events you can hold to generate leads and new customers.

Community Events

One of the best ways to advertise your startup is by organizing a community event. Most consumers in the modern market look for a local business before shopping for any product in an online store. With that in mind, it is relatively vital to start your marketing campaigns on your own turf. And what better way to promote your startup locally than organizing a community event?

Some examples of community events you can organize to promote your startup include marathons, swap shops, and street parties. These events require a certain level of preparation. So, you might want to set up temporary shelters, such as pole tent canopies, arrange for entertainment and prepare some drinks for your guests.


Besides community events, you can host webinars to promote your startup. Businesses utilise these webinars to educate their potential customers about an industry-specific topic. Your company can host a webinar and use its employees to train the attendees.

You can conduct these webinars over the internet, where you can generate more leads and establish your business as an expert in the market. However, this strategy can only work if you can get potential customers to attend your online sessions. So, consider posting your webinar on popular listing sites, writing a blog article, or promoting it in your email signatures.


When we talk about giveaways, most people often associate them with big brands that have established themselves as market leaders. However, small startups can also benefit from these giveaway events.

Organising giveaway contests is a great way to build excitement for your startup and recruit new clients. A typical giveaway event can feature contests where attendees participate and win prizes. Everyone wants to win prizes – that is enough incentive to get more people to attend your event.

Summer Sales

Summer sales events are essential for promoting a startup. Most business people dread the summer period as schools are closed, and people are away on holidays – which translates to low cash flow. But organising summer sales might be a great way to take advantage of the outdoor environment and further establish your business in the market.

These summer sales can help you get rid of stock that isn’t shifting. You can also set up pop-up shops where your potential customers can sample products and learn more about them directly from you.

Final Thoughts

Promoting your startup is essential in attracting more customers and staying on top of your competition. Here are a few business events to help you promote and grow your new startup today.

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