10 Benefits of Using NIU Electric Scooters in Washington DC

10 Benefits of Using NIU Electric Scooters in Washington DC

Electric scooters are making their way to Washington D.C., serving as an adequate form pf transportation. They present a convenient way to get around, especially for those without a vehicle. Some companies in Washington D.C. rent out electric scooters to the public, and they’re subject to the rules provided by the D.C. Council to ensure order, as well as the safety of those who use them.

If you’re looking to get into micromobility, NIU has some of the best electric scooters on the market today. With estimated ranges of up to 60 miles, the brand has an interesting assortment of models for various types of riders. NIU electric scooters have both style and substance that won’t let you down. That said, here are the reasons why it’s advantageous to use them to get around Washington D.C.:

1. Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Micromobility systems similar to NIU electric scooters don’t contribute to greenhouse gas emissions that destroy the ozone layer. Such vehicles run on electricity, and that means zero harmful emissions.

NIU electric scooters also have a signature EBS Energy Recovery System that allows them to recycle 6% energy at the most. Not only do you get more time to travel, but cruising also becomes guilt-free as they’re gentle to the environment.

2. You Breathe Clean Air

Unlike vehicles that burn gas and produce smog, electric scooters don’t pollute the air. That said, frequent driving exposes car owners to health problems, such as asthma and bronchitis.

Using only an electric motor, NIU electric scooters don’t produce exhaust emissions. An electric scooter only emits 65 grams of CO2 compared to a car that travels the same distance but produces 650 grams of it.

Micromobility, in general, contributes to cleaner air for humans and animals to breathe.

3. Reduces Road Congestion

When people use their cars often, it contributes to heavy traffic. Being on the road longer than expected is a time-waster and kills productivity, and drivers are also more likely to get into accidents.

The likes of NIU electric scooters can lessen road congestion. Those who ride electric scooters aren’t allowed on the main roads, reducing traffic. Also, people are likely to arrive at their destinations faster when using compact means of transportation.

4. Cheaper Than Cars

NIU electric scooter models range from USD$3,500 to USD$5,800. Wattages can go from 1500 to 3000, with estimated top speeds of 44 mph. And, if you’re wondering how far they could go on a single charge, these electric scooters can travel 50 km to 80 km. Of course, these can depend on factors such as weather conditions and vehicle load. 

You can get the cheapest brand-new car model for at least USD$14, 495. And, since it runs on gas, you’ll find that it’s costing you so much if you calculate per gallon. Add car insurance coverage payments, and you’ll understand why electric scooters are cheaper. 

5. Easier Maintenance

Car maintenance can get quite costly, and it’s an expense you’re required to pay if you’re a car owner. Regular vehicles need work because they come with parts and systems that operate in unison—components need replacements, containers with fluids need regular checking, and more.

Electric scooters only need exterior cleaning and their tire pressure checked. The most significant maintenance cost that you’ll shoulder is battery replacement. Lithium batteries range from USD$100 to USD$500 plus labor costs. However, you’ll only have to pay for it after years of constant use.

Insurance is also more affordable for electric scooters. It only reaches up to USD$30 per month compared to car insurance at USD$73.

NIU Electric Scooters

6. Compact And Portable

The massive sizes of cars and other transport vehicles take up space in the garage. If you don’t have such a structure in your property, your vehicle will have to bear the weather.

With NIU electric scooters, on the one hand, storage or parking space isn’t much of a problem as you can basically keep them anywhere that meets these vehicles’ required conditions. Just make sure to avoid parking them in extremely cold or hot areas, or moisture- and flood-prone zones.

7. Good For Your Health

Electric scooters can also benefit your health. First, by riding one, you can get some sunshine and be in nature, which can help reduce stress. Moreover, staying balanced on an electric scooter engages your muscles; at the same time, you’re able to improve your coordination.

8. Less Noise

The city’s hustle and bustle, particularly the honking and revving vehicles, can create a lot of noise, which can be stressful at times. 

Electric scooters, however, have quiet motors. You can zoom past buildings, motorists, and pedestrians, and the people around you will not hear a thing. Also, folks won’t be disturbed early in the morning or when they’re already fast asleep.

9. Great For Short-Distance Travel

Commuting doesn’t always mean you need to travel far. Sometimes, you just need to go to a store in the same neighborhood, for instance. Also, you’ll have to find a parking space and use gas when you use your car, which isn’t the case with an electric scooter. In short, it’s a hassle-free and convenient way of getting to your destination.

10. Safer On The Road

NIU electric scooters and the like are, no doubt, much easier and safer to operate as they have fewer knobs and systems, unlike cars. As a result, they’re also easier to control, which means you’re less likely to figure in an accident. 

In Conclusion

NIU electric scooters are viable transportation alternatives in Washington, D.C., or any other city, because of their many benefits. They’re environment-friendly, and help promote a healthy commuting system. You can either own an electric scooter or rent one—whatever suits your current needs.