When You Build Your Business You Need to Start With the End in Mind?

start your own business - haven't started your business

Everything that you start, you start from the beginning.

When you start reading book, you begin from the first page and continue until you finish at the last page.

When you start writing, you begin from the first page in your notebook or whatever else.

But, when you start with the business, you begin building it from the end point in mind.


Business startup is not a simple one-two-three startup process. Everything that you build in a startup level, or everything that you learn in the startup level can impact the future of your company.

Because a business startup is not a simple process in several steps that you can follow to build a successful company we need to begin building something more complex, or at least to support future complexity. Businesses are organizational systems that in the same time present complex systems. It is not mattered whether the company is in startup level, or small business, or big corporation. It is always a complex system.

They are based on the systems that are entrepreneurial responsibility to build. They are based on different types of entrepreneurial personas that will manage that company. The success will be based on the real combination of the right systems mixed with the real combination of that entrepreneurial personas.

If you don’t know how your company need to look in the future you will start building your company in the wrong way.

Do you know entrepreneurs that find themselves quickly after they’ve started the business very frustrated, full of negative energy and for whom everyone else is guilt except himself?

Probably, you already have seen entrepreneur stacked in their own business, working sometimes 20 hours in day.

The real problem for that entrepreneurs is not because they don’t know to do their own work. The problem is that they have not designed their business to support the development and growth of the business.

Because of that each business design needs to start with the end in mind, but from the customer’s perspective.