Tips for Small Businesses to Grow Their Sales Funnels

Tips for Small Businesses to Grow Their Sales Funnels

A sales funnel allows you to turn potential leads from contacts into paying customers. It’s possible to track engagement and behavior during every part of the journey, which allows you to determine how well your funnel is working and where your prospects are at each part of your funnel.

There are a few ways to create your sales funnel, and following the right steps can help you grow your business.

Bring In Your Prospects

The first step is to send prospects to your landing page. There are a few ways to do this. You might run ads on websites or put links on your social media pages that direct to your website. As a smaller business, you might not have a large enough following on social media to bring in much traffic to your site, so you may have to spend money on advertising to bring in new leads.

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Change Up the Landing Page

A landing page is one of the first things your prospects see inside your sales funnel, so it’s important to make sure it showcases your services or products to an advantage. It should also describe the benefits of the service or product, as well as your company. Creating and building a business website might be one of only a few chances to impress potential leads, so it’s important to have a compelling, strong copy. It should also give the prospect a chance to leave their contact information, which allows you to communicate something to them in the future.

Give the Prospect Something of Value

If you want to get email addresses out of potential prospects, you need to offer them something beyond just marketing emails. You could offer access to an e-product or a webinar with useful content. Take the time to nurture them instead of just sending marketing emails right away. You might send emails with information about the service or product. While it’s important to stay in touch a few times a month, you don’t want to spam them with so many emails they unsubscribe. It’s important to make sure the email addresses any needs or concerns they might have.

Keep Things Going

You can close the deal once you have nurtured the prospect in your sales funnel. Make an offer that is hard for them to turn down or ignore. You might offer a discount code, product demonstration, free trial, or money-back guarantee. Even after offering something, you should still keep things going, whether or not your prospect has purchased anything. This can help you keep the lines of communication open, allowing you to build relationships. If any of this sounds outside your wheelhouse, consider hiring a sales trainer to get some education and experience before you put these things into practice.

If your prospect has become a customer, you’ll want to keep educating them about the benefits of using your business. Engaging with them regularly can build customer loyalty. Offering discounts on services or products can help you retain them. It is easier and less expensive to retain a customer than to bring a new one in. If they do not make purchases, you can still stay in touch through regular email updates.