Why You Should Be Using Online Workspaces

Why You Should Be Using Online Workspaces

Trello, Notion, Google Docs. There are a whole plethora of online workspaces that make working in a team easier, whether you all share an office or operate remotely. And yet, plenty of businesses haven’t moved onto these online spaces, despite the many benefits they provide both practically and monetarily.

So, if you haven’t already jumped over to the online world (and are still using Word documents), here are all the major reasons why embracing online workspaces is a good choice. 

Members of the team can work collaboratively 

First and foremost, working online means that your team can work on a document at the exact same time, meaning there is no time wasted in emailing work back and forth. Rather, you can share constant access! And there’s even space in many online platforms and workspaces to converse, take for example, the ‘comment’ feature in Google Docs, so users can work, edit and talk about a project all in one place. 

You’ll never lose a document

If you’ve ever been working on a Word document and your computer crashed, you know the pain of losing an important piece of work halfway through. But by working in online workspaces, you have a constant backup. So, if your computer or laptop does break, the only thing you need to focus on is having a Tech Survival Kit for fixing the actual physical issues behind your breakdown – an example of which is shown by ExpressVPN on their website. Your files will be completely safe since they’re stored online.

Online Workspaces

They allow staff to work from anywhere in the world.

A massive bonus in our current business climate is that working online allows your staff to operate from anywhere. This is vital considering that more and more employees are working from home, according to The Guardian, and remote jobs are on the rise – estimated to make up 25% of all jobs in North America by the end of 2022. Gone are the days when you had to be in the office to log in your documents. Now, it’s vital to be able to access work from anywhere, as an online platform allows. Whether it’s via a computer, laptop, or even a smartphone, any device with the internet can work from anywhere. 

It’s cheap

And last but certainly not least, working online is significantly cheaper! Obviously, it allows workers to become remote, which is fantastic if you want your business to become totally officeless, as many have done during the past two years and will continue to, according to Forbes. But even if this isn’t your model, it’s still much cheaper to work online from within an office setting since it cuts out the cost of buying the Microsoft Office software, which tends to cost around $150 per computer, according to Digital Trends, or for a subscription price of around $7 a month.

So, all in all, the benefits of incorporating online workspaces are exponential. Whether looking at it from a financial, practical, or collaborative perspective. It’s something you should try today!