Cool Tech Gadgets That Could Make You a Safer Driver

Cool Tech Gadgets That Could Make You a Safer Driver

The last decade has seen the highest technological advancements in car safety. These include advanced driver assist features such as lane assist, cruise control, automatic braking, and adaptive lights, among other features.

But if you have an older model, you probably don’t enjoy some of these advanced safety features. The good news is that you could install some to your old car.

The world of car safety has changed dramatically in recent years, with a proliferation of new technology designed to make driving safer. Today’s smartphones and cool tech gadgets offer us a new level of convenience regarding driving, your car, your passengers, and even your kids.

3 Cool Tech Gadgets You Can Install on Your Car to Make It Safer

1. Head-Up Display

While driving, you must always have your eyes on the road and nowhere else except checking your rearview mirrors. Anything that takes your focus off the road is a distraction.

But some things like checking your speedometer and other car parameters are important for safe driving. Unfortunately, the split second you take your eyes off the road is enough to get you into an accident.

The solution to this problem is installing a head-up display. The head-up display gadget is installed on the dashboard and projects a translucent image of important car parameters on the windshield, so you do not have to take your eyes off the road.

2. Driver Monitoring Systems

Sometimes you could be tired, stressed, sleep-deprived, and exhausted, leading to drowsy driving. Unfortunately, drowsiness can creep in slowly and in a way that you may not detect in time to prevent an accident.

If you drive for long hours regularly, installing a driver monitoring system can save your life. It features specialized cameras that detect bodily changes that indicate drowsiness. If the device detects drowsiness, it alerts you to pullover. These changes include yawning, specific eye movements, increased blinking, and if the eyes are on the road.

3. Real-time Tire Pressure Gauge

Your car’s tire pressure level is important for safe driving and lengthening the life of your tires.

Traditionally you needed to measure car pressure manually using a pressure gauge. But you do not have to do that anymore. You can install real-time car pressure monitors on the nozzles of all four wheels to ensure you are always sure about your car tires while on the road.

These car tire gauges are Bluetooth-enabled and transmit car tire pressure to your android devices, such as a phone or car radio, in real time. These gauges will notify the driver when the tire pressure is dangerously low.

Teaching Safe Driving Habits to Teens

According to a study by the CDC, teen drivers between the ages of 16 – 19 were more involved in major crashes than any other group. Therefore, if you have a teenage driver in your household, you are responsible for teaching them about car safety.

Some of the most important aspects to talk with your teen about safe driving include buckling up, avoiding overspeeding, and never getting behind the wheel while drunk.

The chances of getting into an accident often increase significantly in low light. The risk can be especially high for inexperienced drivers, so it’s best to train your teen to be off the road by dusk. Also, phones are a significant distraction for teens, so it’s best to highlight the dangers of using them while on the road for your teen driver and lead by example.

No matter what training you offer to your teen driver, insurance companies see them as high-risk drivers and, as a result, have higher rates for teenage drivers than for other drivers. But you do not have to contend with overly expensive car insurance rates. You can leverage online car insurance comparison resources to find the best rates for teen drivers in terms of cost without compromising on quality.

Final Words

Your car model may not have all the safety features you want. There are many cool tech gadgets to install on your car to make it safer. The gadgets mentioned in this post are a good place to start, but you could still start with others that you feel will help you the most.