6 Things To Consider When Furnishing A New Commercial Premises

6 Things To Consider When Furnishing A New Commercial Premises

No matter what type of business you run, there’s always something that needs to be considered when creating a brand-new office space. From a fresh perspective, this guide can help you to identify what features you need in new commercial premises.

Whether you’re kitting out a new workplace or updating the décor of existing premises, there are many things to consider to ensure everything is in order.

Regardless of the function of commercial premises, certain items are needed everywhere. These create a safe, comfortable workplace and sell a company to visitors.


Adaptive and sympathetic lighting makes a workplace comfortable for staff and visitors and improves productivity. Opting for bright overhead lights has long been the go-to as it seemingly gives ample light and is easy to maintain. However, such lighting systems don’t account for changing lighting conditions throughout the day or the personal needs of staff. Where possible, allow workers to control their lighting by adding lamps or controls to adjust lighting levels.


Flooring is a vital component of any workplace, so paying attention to the choices used is essential. In an industrial setting, hard-wearing, easy-to-clean concrete is the obvious choice. However, in locations such as offices and retail businesses, there is greater scope for choosing different flooring materials. Commercial carpets are hard-wearing and stain-resistant, adding a layer of warmth to the room. It may be tempting to install something like wooden floorboards for a luxury look, but such flooring is high maintenance which isn’t ideal in such a setting.

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Part of the success of a business is how it functions within its space. Short-change one department in the workspace to give another extra unnecessarily creates friction and impacts productivity. Make careful decisions regarding the division of areas to ensure all departments have fair allocation.

Consider the flow of the space so that people’s egress through the building is unhindered and undisrupted as possible. Also, think about how areas are divided – physical barriers or the use of color and plants for a more open-plan office.


Health and safety regulations can feel cumbersome to implement at times, but they’re there for a good reason. Workplace accidents open employers to potentially expensive lawsuits and reduced output due to fewer staff. Designing a commercial building with the safety of all who enter in mind vastly reduces the possibility of workplace accidents.


Providing for staff and visitors’ comfort includes allowing sufficient amenities to meet all their needs. Space to take breaks away from workstations keeps morale up by giving people a chance to recharge. If space and budget allow, a break room full of games and comfortable couches is ideal, but tables, chairs, and kitchen features suffice in the real world.

Street Appeal

Pay attention to the outside of your commercial premises, as you want an enticing entrance for clients and potential customers. A tidy, well-tended frontage looks professional and inviting, and incorporating branding adds to the effect. Consider using color or graphics from your company logo to personalize the outside to match the inside.

Using lighting, flow through internal spaces, and external street appeal, your new commercial premises will be safe and comfortable for staff and visitors alike.