Can You Afford to Brand Your Startup?

The real question is, can you afford not to brand your startup? Branding isn’t just about logos; it reflects your company’s identity and products, so it needs to be there from Day One.

Fortunately, branding doesn’t have to break the bank. You can implement many key measures yourself, like a dedicated email address and a blog on your website.

But where should you allocate the budget if you are going to spend?

Here are the essential items that every new business should consider. Build brand identity, and you can transform your business. 


It might sound a bit left-field, but deciding on a color scheme from the outset is important. You may not use it to start with, but it’s there and will stop you from making random color choices down the line that don’t present a consistent appearance.

Color will impact the logo, communications, advertising, and merchandise. You might be planning giveaways or mech for staff, like cell phone cases, bags, or vape devices. 

Indeed, the vape industry is an excellent example of a competitive market where branding can be the making or breaking of a brand. Vape accessories are the new ‘must have’ for millennials, and design and color are all part of the image. Take a look at RELX UK, and you’ll soon get the picture. Everything from the shape of the vape device to the array of colors shouts sleek, modern, and cutting-edge. Modern stylization infuses every aspect of their branding.

Your business might target a different market segment, but the principle still applies.

The right logo is hugely important. It’s what makes a brand recognizable. But don’t let this prevent you from deciding on a logo.

Apple and eBay both outgrew their initial designs and had a makeover. What that teaches you is, don’t get bogged down by losing sleep over the right design.

Don’t spend a lot of money and time on the logo. Find an upcoming designer and stick to your budget. Just make sure the logo and colors sit with your product. You can test this out on a sample audience. Try and choose people who don’t know you or your business and have fresh eyes.

Brand Your Startup

Business Cards

Aren’t business cards just a bit old school? Well, it’s easy to think that, but a business card is a golden opportunity to make a statement about your brand and promote it just in miniature.

Some truly innovative designs fuse imagination with practical information. Plus, some clever organizations can create a card with a practical function.

Some businesses blend functionality, advertising, and free merchandising all in one. Now, not every startup can do that. It depends upon what you’re about, but look and learn from others. Business cards are a great marketing opportunity.

Sequence of Events

Choose colors before the logo and both before the business cards. Otherwise, you will trip up, and that’s costly.

Be happy at each stage before you move on to the next. Sometimes, it takes a while to let the colors bed in before you decide that you’re pleased with them.

Final Thoughts

Branding is one of the most exciting parts of starting a new business. It is about your choices, your dreams, and your vision. Plus, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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