Optimize Attendance Monitoring With These Strategies

One of the human resource department’s most important roles is managing all employees. Aside from ensuring they’re happy and content with their jobs, they also have to check their attendance. Company workers are more than capable of impacting the bottom line, and it’s crucial to ensure that business productivity is optimal when employee attendance is complied.

However, tracking time using manual systems seems so burdensome for human resource people. This workplace function becomes even more complex, especially if your workers are designated all around the world. Hybrid work systems make it more challenging to track employee attendance.

Fret not; here are some strategies you can apply to optimize attendance monitoring.   

1. Use An Attendance Scheduling Software 

Every business owner wants to ensure that time and attendance are used effectively and efficiently in their business. Fortunately, the advent of technology makes this possible today through the use of employee scheduling software. As an employer, you pay your employees and contractors to deliver results, so you need to measure and manage how they spend their time.  

It’s possible to track employee time at the office or manage remote teams’ time using a mobile app. It benefits your hybrid or flexible working programs in the workplace. What’s good about this software is that it can easily be integrated with other work functions, like your payroll, HR management systems, and so on.  

Time and attendance information is automatically calculated by the software, including vacation and sick days, holidays, and overtime. Providing employees with convenient ways to clock in and out or record their time is one of the benefits of time and attendance solutions. The software may also include a key metric analysis and reporting tool.  

By monitoring employees’ billable hours, you can ensure the required accountability is met. Your team can work remotely without sacrificing productivity with the right employee attendance software. 

2. Draft Attendance Policies 

Creating an effective attendance management policy can solve most inconsistencies in employee tracking in hybrid workplaces. It’s indeed the first step to effective attendance management. Your business will be more efficient, and unscheduled absences will be reduced. Employees need to refer to concrete policies in order to justify their attendance and absences.

Attendance procedures and the consequences of not following them should be outlined in the policy. The human resource department carefully curates attendance policies, but key people should approve and guide such rules. Ensure that your company culture is consistent with your attendance policies. Listen to your employees’ expectations and make sure they understand the policy. By having clear communication with your employees, your policy can be implemented more successfully. The key is to help them understand all the points in such policies.

When creating an attendance policy, make sure to cover all details related to work shifts. For instance, it would be ideal for planning rotation shifts well in advance to avoid last-minute delays. Teams and managers must tailor leave and vacation calendars to their organization’s needs. The policy should also require employees to request extended vacations ahead of time.

Attendance Monitoring

3. Integrate All Work Reports In One Silo 

Maintaining individual reports can become tedious in a hybrid work environment where employees have maximum flexibility to work from home and in the office. Consider investing in technology software to simplify this process. Some of the tools that you can use are cloud computing technology, project management tools, and collaboration software. 

Each employee is usually provided with a real-time dashboard and status report. At the same time, it makes it easier for team leaders and managers to check and monitor individual performance. There is no need to worry about access issues for managers or teams regarding any project or task. In this way, all necessary documents are easily accessed without any hassle. 

4. Connect Attendance And Payroll Together 

It’s crucial for payroll to manage employee attendance accurately. It’s possible to overpay or underpay your employees when you have errors in your attendance data. Fortunately, there are features in time tracking software where you can connect attendance and payroll features. Sustain your human resource department with the right software and systems to improve their potential.  

Especially when your workforce is large and distributed in different locations, manually analyzing attendance data for payroll can be time-consuming and lead to more errors. Payroll processing is simplified, more transparent, and more accurate with HR software that calculates working hours, overtime, and loss of pay. 


Every business must manage employee attendance effectively. It can increase productivity and improve the working environment for your employees, which also reflects on your company’s bottom line. With the use of attendance scheduling software and other strategies mentioned above, you can manage your employee attendance better. Businesses will be able to track their employees easily with the help of technology.

Dragan Sutevski

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