5 Ways Extroverts Make Great Leaders

Extroverts have many great personality traits that can help them become great trailblazers in life and the workplace. With strong character attributes and the ability to inspire others, there are many factors that give extroverts the edge when it comes to leadership.

They are better suited to leadership roles as they tend to have a broader knowledge of people and how to motivate them. They are driven by energy and excitement. Also, they’re highly focused, passionate about their work, and love talking with people.

We’ve listed some extroverted traits that you can recognize and improve to move up the leadership ladder.

1. Their Ability To Exude Confidence

It’s no secret that extroverts are usually larger-than-life characters who display huge amounts of confidence. While they may not be experts at everything, having the confidence to subscribe to the ‘fake it until you make it’s way of thinking, they are often able to reach higher levels than an introverted person who maybe already has the skills necessary. An extrovert’s ability to walk into a room and charm everyone inside will allow them to network better and put people at ease, including those that they manage.

2. Their Focus On Being Driven And Successful

An extrovert will typically want to be high flying and successful in all that they do, so their drive is usually laser-focused on getting what they want out of their career. ESTJ characters are particularly good at being organized, confident, and decisive, which makes for a great leaders. Teams look to leaders who are able to make clear and concise decisions and will draw inspiration from their organizational skills.

Extroverts and Leadership

3. Their Likeable Personality

Of course, just because extroverts are confident, it doesn’t necessarily make them likable, but extroverts do tend to be perceived as ‘nice’ due to their affable and friendly communication styles. This means that people naturally gravitate towards them, making them great at leading a team. Staff wants a leader that they can speak to openly and build bonds of trust. A naturally outgoing person, like an extrovert, is able to foster these open, communicative relationships with their teams easily. This is also useful when it comes to dealing with clients or people in positions of power, as their ability to make deep and meaningful connections makes for great client relations.

4. Their Accountability

Extroverts are good at being honest and accountable for their own actions. This means that they will hold their staff accountable in light of any errors or mistakes. It’s important a leader is able to be honest with their team and discuss any issue in the interest of training, learning, and improving. A good leader will discover problems and help their team in a kind and constructive way to improve their professional growth.

5. Their Ability To Inspire

As an extrovert’s personality traits can read like a dream list for a leader, many extroverts in positions of power find themselves able to inspire their team without even trying. A group of staff will always feel empowered and inspired by a leader that has done well.

Are you a leader in business? Which of these extroverted traits do you see in yourself? Share in the comments below to inspire other readers.

Dragan Sutevski

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