7 Awesome Company Benefits That Will Motivate Your Staff

7 Awesome Company Benefits That Will Motivate Your Employees

In addition to creating a fun and inviting workplace, it’s also important to offer company benefits to employees that will motivate them to do the job in the best possible way.

Most companies agree that employees are their most valuable asset. However, they should understand that salary is just one of the things that employees consider when looking for a job. There are many more ways to keep your employees engaged and motivated.

If salaries don’t move a needle, what does? Here are a few company benefits that you might want to consider to keep your employees motivated.

1. A Good Work-Life Balance

Employee incentive programs for small businesses are increasingly focusing on creating a positive work-life balance for employees. Many studies on the impact of a poor work-life balance reveal that it leads to employee stress, which leads to low employee morale resulting from reduced efficiency and job dissatisfaction.

Increased stress in the workplace leads to employee burnout, further reducing individual productivity. Ensure your organization gives the employees time to take the rest they need. Provide the appropriate number of leave days. Also, allow your employees time off to celebrate important events like birthdays so they can feel appreciated. This will motivate your employees.

2. Employee Recognition

Employee appreciation programs often leave them feeling positive about being recognized at work.

This can be especially beneficial for employees working virtually and in a hybrid arrangement. Moments of recognition can make team members separated by distance feel appreciated and more connected to the organization.

There are powerful reasons why your business should offer employee appreciation programs if you have not considered them yet. One of the most important reasons is that employee appreciation reduces the chances of your employees leaving the organization to work for competitors.

3. Flexible Working

While COVID-19 may have brought the need for companies to allow their employees to work remotely, flexibility is becoming more important across the board.

Also, working from home isn’t for everybody, but many employees thrive off it. The best thing is that companies ask their employees how they want to work. A hybrid of remote and physical work environments can benefit your workforce because it allows them to work from where they feel comfortable.

Being able to escape the routine of a 9-5 working week can be extremely attractive for your employees. It also involves allowing your employees to make their schedules as long as they finish the work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that almost 60 percent of parents in US households are both working. Therefore, a flexible working environment enables them to manage their hours accordingly.

4. Wellness Program

Recent studies show that the sedentary nature of American work-life negatively affects the workforce’s health. Sitting for long periods is associated with long-term conditions like certain types of cancers and Type 2 Diabetes.

The sedentary demands placed on the workforce often fall on the employer through increased cost of health, decreased motivation, and a less productive workforce.

Workplace wellness programs are therefore becoming an increasingly common benefit offered by employers. Some programs are simple, like biometric screenings, while others are comprehensive, involving wellness programs that shift the workplace culture and encourage healthy behavior.

While companies are unique, there is a wide range of wellness programs to choose from an employer.

Benefits to Motivate Your Employees

5. Professional Development and Training

Employees do not want to feel stagnant; they want to feel like they are working towards something. You can make your employees feel valued by allowing them to improve their skills. 68% of the respondents pointed out that they preferred to learn in the workplace.

Professional development as an employee incentive program for small businesses equips your workforce with the tools they need to feel more prepared about their current and future organizational roles. It is more than just showing your employees that you care; it helps unlock their potential.

Providing professional development for your team is a win-win since it increases their confidence in the workplace while equipping them with new skills that can be utilized for your business.

6. Coaching and Mentorship Program

Employee incentive programs for small businesses should also focus on providing mentorship opportunities for their workforce. Coaching comes down to unlocking your employees’ potential. It also encourages and motivates employees to be aligned with the company’s values, strengths, and goals.

Discover what creates meaning for your workforce and help them engage in activities that make them more satisfied in the workplace. You will be surprised to find that some employees are even willing to endure a pay cut to engage in more meaningful activities in the workplace.

Mentorship also gives opportunities for your younger employees to grow. Interestingly, you can find mentors in your workforce as you look for the most loyal employees. These will guide new employees and help them navigate the company culture.

7. Food

In a recent survey by the Harvard Business Review, employees consume more than one meal plus a snack in the workplace. Therefore, food options available in the workplace matter as they contribute to the population’s overall health.

Employees will appreciate the gesture if the company they work for offers meal choices for them. Organizations are also using food to instill a new company culture. For instance, you can offer affordable healthy food choices to your employees conveniently. If you cannot make this food yourself, choose from a wide range of organizations delivering healthy food options conveniently to offices.

Focusing on employee health through healthy meals is a good gesture and a smart move for small businesses that want to cut costs. Healthy meal options could help your organization to save costs in the long run in the form of healthcare and reduced productivity associated with ill health.

Final Thoughts

It shouldn’t be news that your employees need appreciation or want to see that their company cares for them. This could take time to implement as it could mean some changes for the company. But if you try it, you’ll find it worth it in the long run. There are a wide variety of employee appreciation incentives that small businesses can adopt. But you can choose these seven to start with and go from there. You’ll experience a change in employee motivation, efficiency, and overall performance levels.