Becoming a Certified Teacher: The Benefits and How to Do It

Are you interested in pursuing a career that lets you leave behind a legacy that is positive for your community? Do you want to become a certified teacher?

Teaching K-12 can allow you to do just that. You’ll especially enjoy this career path if you love spending time with children and can cope with the large amounts of energy that they often bring. As a teacher, you’ll be able to help your students work towards a future that they find fulfilling.

Becoming a Certified Teacher The Benefits and How to Do It

Programs such as the Michigan Teachers Of Tomorrow can help you on your path to becoming a teacher. Teachers need to ensure that they pass down ideas that are important, to future generations.

Unsure If You Want To Be A Teacher?

You could still be wondering whether a career as a teacher is right for you. You’ll need to be able to get along with students and should also enjoy helping people if you choose to become a teacher. People who evaluate candidates for positions for teachers reveal that they are interested in candidates who have actual work experience in providing service. You could choose to volunteer for the Peace Corps, as an example.

When you’re a teacher, you’re providing service to your community. That’s why this profession isn’t as cut and dry as many other jobs. You’ll find yourself becoming involved with various students, as well as their families. Generally, to find success as a teacher, you’ll need to enjoy spending time with children.

To come to a decision regarding whether working as a teacher suits you or not, try to get some experience in the classroom. You can get in touch with local schools and ask them whether you can volunteer as a teacher there. You could work as an assistant in the classroom or even as a substitute teacher. If you’ve decided that you want to be a teacher, then the next step is learning how you can become a teacher.

Choosing An Institution With A Preparation Program For Teachers

The first step on your journey of becoming a teacher is to choose a certification program to get into the field. You’ll need to be certified as a teacher before you can teach in public schools. The rules for getting certified vary between states, so be sure to check out what the rules in your state are. You could use certification reciprocity to teach in a state that’s different from the one you got certified in, but that isn’t always easy.

First, you’ll need to look at what options are available to you. You may be considering getting a bachelor’s degree in teaching as well. If this is the case, then consider a course where you can simultaneously work on your degree as well as get certified. Should you already have a bachelor’s degree, then a post-baccalaureate program could suit you more?

Looking For Accreditation

Some preparation programs for teachers are of higher quality than others. An accredited program is most likely to help you on your journey toward becoming a certified teacher. The accrediting agency of your region should have accredited the program you intend to attend. You can look for national accreditations as well, such as those provided by the CAEP. This stands for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

The board of education in your state also needs to approve the teaching program that you’re applying for.

Practical Factors

Think about the cost of attending the teaching program, as well as how far it is from your home. You can choose to apply for financial aid as well. Some schools provide accelerated programs, which can help you become a teacher faster.

Becoming a Certified Teacher

Giving The Test To Become A Teacher

Before you can become a teacher, you’ll need to enroll in a teaching program. There are certain requirements you need to meet to be able to enter a teaching program. The education department’s online website in your state will be able to inform you of what these requirements are.

You can get your teacher certification after you’ve completed all relevant coursework and have also done your share of teaching students. You’ll need to sit for another exam before you can get your certification.

Coursework And Student Teaching

If you’re wondering how you can become a teacher, then you’ll need to finish your course first and also participate in student teaching. During your teacher preparation course, you’ll be learning about subjects that are related to education, as well as the subjects you intend to teach. You will also be required to get practical experience in the classroom before you can apply for your certification.

You’ll be teaching students while you work towards your degree. There are a certain number of classroom hours that you’ll need to accumulate before you can apply for your certification.


There are several steps involved with becoming a teacher. You’ll need to complete a teacher preparation course, where you’ll learn about education and will also need to practice teaching students. Once you graduate from your program, you’ll need to give the teacher certification exam of your state. Only after you’ve successfully been certified as a teacher can you work as one.

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