How Is TME Leading the Electronic Component E-Commerce?

How Is TME Leading the Electronic Component E-Commerce

TME Group is a world leader in the electronic components market, offering high-quality products to a global customer base.

E-Commerce offers massively ginormous opportunities to sellers, retailers, and businesses in the world of electronics. It offers better logistics, more efficient inventory management, improved customer service, and overall customer satisfaction. All these in cohesion offer the best benefit of them all: reduced costs leading to increased profits.

But do you realize one single problem in all that?

Consider there are two parties involved in E-Commerce. (1) The Businesses and (2) The Customers. While E-Commerce does offer customer satisfaction, it still falls in the number (2) category. This means businesses can often tend to think first about themselves and then about their customers.

TME, on the other hand, started as a small stationery shop in Łódź, Poland back in 1989, with no intention of expanding its services to over 150 countries today. Or so they thought.

Although TME started as a small stationery shop where it expanded its portfolio and started selling electronic components as well. But there was something about TME that made word about it spread to the furthest corners of Poland. Perhaps it was how TME treated its customers or the quality of its products. Buy very soon. Everyone wanted to ship their electronics from TME.

A Family-Built Company – No one’s alienated

One of the top reasons why TME is leading the electronic component e-commerce is perhaps because it’s a family company built by brothers Zbigniew and Adam Kuczyński and named with the wisdom of their mother.

A company that understands family values reflects this behavior when dealing with its customers as well as its employees. There’s no corporate alienability between the employees, and neither is their audience alienated from the company.

With various sending-the-elevator-down charitable activities, such as the TME Edukacja project running since 2016, every customer feels connected to the company, finding themselves returning to TME again and again – putting TME on the radar of the leaders in electronic component’s e-commerce.

TME Lead the Electronic Component Market

Quality Products

The other top reason, which might be more important to many, is that TME always ships quality products. The company maintains several certifications, including the ISO 9001:2009 and 14001:2005, which help in making sure there’s no compromise in the quality of products, service, supply chain, or any other circumstance that can negatively impact customer experience.

Modern Website Design Ensures Best Customer Experience While Product Hunting

TME has always been proactive in serving their customers in the best possible manner. It made its first website in 1999 – when the internet was still in its baby phase but quickly gaining popularity. As there was a huge demand for electronics even back then, TME figured out that a website was the best way to reach most customers all over the world.

And today, they have kept the idea going but only made their website much more intuitive and easier to navigate. It got a major update in 2020 and was redesigned specifically to make navigation easier, so you can find the best electronic component with your exact specifications from a stock of 500,000 products. And that, too, within a matter of seconds!

For example, if you visited the website right now and searched for resistance wire, you’d get a result of 23,403 products. The good part is they are neatly organized into categories and subcategories, so you can immediately find what you are looking for. Check out their resistance wire collection here –

More reasons

There are numerous more reasons why TME is leading the electronic component of e-commerce, which are difficult to put into words. But they certainly do maintain an attractive portfolio. They are a well-versed electronic component company with a service experience of more than 30 years.

They maintain a stock of over half a million products and send at least 5,000 shipments daily. These shipments go all over the world (150+ countries), including the countries Germany, USA, UK, France, China, Netherlands, and of course, Poland.