Find How to Exit from the Black-and-White World

Find how to exit from the black-and-white world. That’s the biggest entrepreneurial challenge. If you succeed in this challenge, you will succeed as entrepreneur.

One of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs and their employees is simply trying to copy everything around them.

50 steps to business success

Without innovation, without invention …

Creativity can be there, but without innovation, creativity will not be worth for the small businesses.

Same black and white world. Everywhere!

Check this through the following activities:

  • Enter in one of the first retail stores that you can see. The first words that you will hear from the seller will be: Hello, how I can help you. The variations are not important because it can be: may I help you, can I help you…
  • Take a few newspapers and see the sides with advertisements. Compare and you will see that in essence they are not very different.
  • Look at small business TV commercials, you will notice a lack of inventiveness and of course the same style, similar message and easily recognizable purpose.

When we talking about innovation it doesn’t mean something big, huge or elusive. We want to talk about innovation that will simply reflect your business.

Best, unique, extra, great … But what?

If you succeed in designing your business before officially opening the doors, it should have incorporated competitive advantage in it. Then why you must to look into the marketing materials of competition and make them similar? Why you need to have the same behavior of your employees as those of the competition? Because of the product? Wrong!

The customer will not even reach your product if your sales team fails to encourage them to view the products or your offer. How many times when you look that same approach of the sales person you feel uncomfortable? That means the end, finish or catastrophe for your business. Only coincidence can lead to the recovery of the potential buyer to the right path.

But if you have properly designed process how to approach to any potential customer not with the question of help, but with the offer, irresistible offer, your sales will be much bigger! You ask how much? It doesn’t matter! If your sales team succeed in one of 10 attempts it is still better than zero in ten attempts.

As an entrepreneur you are the creator of your business. You are the person which vision and goals was transformed into the business. Your business need to communicate that vision with your potential customers. If you don’t show how your vision is better than everyone else, what’s the difference if I buy from you or your competitors.

That’s how you can find how to exit from the black-and-white world.

Dragan Sutevski

Posted by Dragan Sutevski

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