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Using just any video conferencing platform for your business meetings should not be your preference. Certain features make for a great meeting experience for your participants. It is important to consider a platform with good video and audio quality.

iMind does more than these as it features noise suppression which makes it possible for you to join the meeting from any location and have clear audio. You may check iMind reviews for what users are saying about this tool.

If you are an online entrepreneur in India, then iMind is probably the tool you should have!

How To Set up iMind For a Video Conference?

To get the best audio and video quality, you must set up your devices correctly. Here are some of the things to do:

  • set the camera and microphone you plan to use as default for your OS and browser;
  • select the devices in the platform setting.

When using iMind, you don’t have to download extra devices. All the devices that work with your system are compatible with iMind. One other outstanding touch iMind gives to your video is that it takes into consideration your internet speed and computer characteristics to adjust your video quality.

What Are The Key Features Of iMind

iMind as a web conferencing platform, has lots of amazing features that contribute to the overall experience of participants in a meeting. Some of these features under web conferencing are:

  • high video quality (from SD to HD);
  • simultaneous screen sharing.

These features ensure a great video conferencing experience for participants. In addition, other key features make iMind stand out amongst other video conferencing solutions. These features include:

Background Noise Suppression

This makes it possible, even in a noisy background, to have the most serene communication.


Since iMind is built on WebRTC, you are provided with confidentiality, protection, and reliability for both your conferences and personal data. This is possible with the aid of DTLS and 256-bit AES encryption. So you can use iMind on public networks and not be bothered about your meeting being intercepted since it has encryption.

One-time code Support

In contrast with the password system adopted by other web conferencing solutions, iMind solutions work on a different mode of authorization. iMind doesn’t have passwords. Instead, you receive a one-time code that would guarantee your authorization for each meeting. There are fewer worries about having your account hacked.

What Are Other Features of iMind

Since iMind is targeted towards small, medium-sized, and large enterprises, it has the following features that are a winning solution in demand for video conferencing platforms. They are

  • free recording and group meetings;
  • management of Licenses;
  • waiting room with visual authorization of attendees;
  • custom branding;
  • requires no installation;
  • screen sharing;
  • mobile version available for meeting on the go;
  • supports Android, Web, and iPhones/iPad platforms.

These features make iMind the most professional communication tool for businesses.


iMind is an amazing video conferencing platform offering the best quality video and audio output. This also allows you to record these videos at the end of the meeting for a replay. So, you have video meetings you can always refer back to when there is a need. The screen-sharing features make meetings and chat more interactive and give a feel of real-time meetings. This enables a seamless remote workflow environment.

India is an excellent place to create and implement new projects. Fresh ideas flock here like flies to honey, and investors and government try to support their development. And with a service like iMind, it will be easy to contribute to its development.

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