Digital Currency in Poland: All About Permission and its Advantages

Crypto Currency in Poland All About Permission and its Advantages

Statistics show that people increasingly use crypto assets when paying for goods and services. In general, the number of such transactions increased by almost 40% compared to last year. Even though Poland has only recently begun to regulate this industry, it has achieved good results.

To work legally, you must get a Poland crypto license. It will allow you to develop actively and attract new customers and investors.

Today we want to discuss all the advantages of this jurisdiction and how to get a work permit more accessible and faster.

Changes in legislation for working with crypto assets

For a long time, transactions with virtual currency were not subject to legislation. Still, starting from November 2021, the scope of responsibility for crypto activities has expanded, and the circulation of digital assets has become a regulated process in Poland. To be more precise, companies that want to obtain permission for crypto activities must go through the state registration procedure in a separate register of crypto enterprises. P

eople in business can be authorized if they meet specific requirements. Particular attention should be paid to the law adopted for all EU countries in 2018, which monitors illegal money laundering and financial terrorism. It simplifies checking suspicious cryptocurrency transactions and exchanging virtual currencies for fiat money.

The cost of getting a permit

There are two options for getting a crypto permit. The first way is to do the whole process and collect yourself. In this case, you must pay a state fee for applying, approximately 130 euros, and an authorized capital of about 1200 euros.

The second way will help you avoid paperwork, signing acts, and most of the process. To do this, you need to contact a specialized jurisdiction that deals with filing applications and registrations of crypto organizations in the Polish registry. In this case, you must pay the company for its services and the state duty with the authorized capital. The cost will depend on the level of the service package that you choose when registering a company.

Advantages of getting a crypto permit

In addition to the permission to work with crypto, this country also provides many privileges for its entrepreneurs:

  • Opening a crypto organization in Poland takes much less time than in other EU areas ;
  • This country is a member of the broader global economy so more potential customers will be interested in your services;
  • The registration process is more straightforward as it does not have complicated procedures;
  • favorable taxation;
  • The minimum capital requirement is PLN 5,000;
  • You can open a bank account in any EU bank for your financial transactions.

At the moment, cryptocurrency activities are not part of the regulated financial market, so their work is not subject to constant verification and monitoring.

The services

Obtaining a permit in any country is a complex process that requires a large stock of knowledge and skills. Gofaizen&Sherle specialists have extensive experience in this industry and specialize in assisting in obtaining a license in different countries.

  • The list of services includes:
  • assistance with paperwork;
  • verification of readiness for licensing;
  • help in choosing the appropriate jurisdiction.

You can issue a power of attorney for our lawyers, and then they will represent your interests in government agencies, which means that you do not need to fly to Warsaw personally.


A permit is one of the most attractive in the world due to its speed of registration, ease of the process, and many privileges for its customers. Of course, depending on the type of your activity, different documents and authorization steps may be required, so the best option is to trust a specialized jurisdiction.

Gofaizen&Sherle is a famous consulting organization that has been in the crypto market for a long time and provides different packages of services and features you can purchase. Professional lawyers and consultants will help in opening your business or expanding the influence of existing ones. All you have to do is contact Gofaizen&Sherle and start your crypto business as soon as possible.