Business Plan Mind Map

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As an entrepreneur, you will always need the right roadmap that will tell you how you make a progress to the goals that you have for your company. A business plan is an excellent tool that will create your unique entrepreneurial roadmap to success.

You can make one when you want to expand your business. Also, you will work on your business plan when you want your business to stay on the right way. You can make one when you want to go through most important elements of your business and ensure that everything will be ok.

The First Tweak of My Business Plan – Business Model

In the last several years, I make several changes in the business planning process and business plan as a tool to implement and execute such a process. First, I start with the templates everyone used, and soon after starting the implementation, I found that I need something different.

Simply, I need something more, that I need to include in my business planning process. That is a business model. So, I include the separate section related to business model.

The Second Tweak of My Business Plan – Risk Management

As I gain more experience it continues to tell me that I need more details, especially in the risk areas and risk management. Because of that, I include that part in my business planning process and business plan normally.

The Third Tweak of My Business Plan – Online Strategy

How time goes on, I build more experience and again, my new experience with the implementation show me that I need something more. Because we can’t imagine today’s business without building an online presence, again I make tweaks to my business planning process and business plan. Now I include a separate section about online strategy including blogging and social media presence.

The Fourth Tweak of My Business Plan – Content Strategy

Again, I found that there is something that missed in my planning process. Because my business plan is a tool that I use every day to manage my business, I want desperately the support system for the online strategy. So, I implement the online strategy as a separate section in the previous tweaks. But, also I need the content strategy or something that I call content ideas that will contain publishing calendar, different content ideas, and responsibilities.

Now, that plan is much different from the usually used templates. It is much robust, but much more useful than what I have used in the past.

Here is the mind map created for the implementation of such a plan for your business. This is the latest version update.

Click on image for the full version, or download it here.

business plan mind map full 2014