10 Basic Business Elements with Business Potential Energy

elements with business potential energy

If you want to increase your business potential energy you must start with determining of business elements with business potential energy as a first step according to improvement through business potential energy methodology.

In the business can exist an unlimited number of business elements. Some of them are important, and some of them are less important. But, there are some crucial elements that can have a large impact on your company’s potential energy.

Today, I will talk about 10 of them.

What are crucial business elements with business potential energy?

This is an important question, especially today when you need to be focused as much as possible to ensure productive entrepreneurial work.

You must start with crucial business elements because you don’t want to have your attention and losing your time on elements that aren’t important for your small business. Or losing your energy, money and time where improvements will be very small.

These crucial elements are those business elements that have stored in itself a large amount of business potential energy. This is the energy that later can be transformed into kinetic energy that will push your business on the right road to success.

10 Crucial elements with business potential energy

In my opinion, here are 10 most crucial business elements that have business potential energy. After you read them you can immediately start thinking about possible improvements and wait to see how the results you achieve bring exponential success.

1. Business Idea

Everything in business starts with a business idea. It is the first potential energy of your new business. One thing that you must remember is that next business element – the business plan can convert this potential stored inside business ideas into the successful business. You can read more about business ideas here.

2. Business plan

I choose a business plan as a second crucial business element with business potential energy because in the same time it is converter of business potential energy of the business ideas into successful business. Also business plan has its own potential energy that can bring business development for your business. With a good business plan and accomplishment of everything that is planning you will increase your overall business potential energy.

3. Your entrepreneurial knowledge

You entrepreneurial knowledge is something that always can bring fresh business potential energy into your business. However, the knowledge as a source of potential energy can be exhausted. You must continually bring into yourself new knowledge in order to be able to respond to the new business environment.

4. Products and services

Every business sells some types of products or services. If you sell something that can satisfy your customer’s needs, then your products and services will have larger business potential energy. However, if your products or services don’t satisfy customer’s needs, then business potential energy will be 0. If the quality of your products or services is excellent, then your potential energy will be bigger.

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5. Inventory

The inventory is something that can spend your potential energy into your cash as one of the business elements with business potential energy. But, on another side inventory has potential energy stored in the products that are in inventory and bring security for constant sales quantity. If you want to increase your business potential energy stored in your inventory and in the same time to decrease spending of energy stored in the cash, you must find the optimal level of inventory. You can use ABC analysis or 80/20 rule for this purpose.

6. Cash

Cash is one of the most important business elements that has stored potential energy. With cash, you can increase business potential energy on other business elements as knowledge, products and services, marketing, sales team and so on. If you don’t have cash, your potential energy will be at the lowest possible levels.

7. Marketing

Marketing is one of the business elements that can bring fresh business potential energy into your business through bringing more customers. With bigger business potential energy in the marketing you can bring more sales that will increase the potential energy into your sales team and cash.

8. Sales team 

Members of your sales team are in direct contact with your customers. How much is bigger your business potential energy stored in your sales team, the greater will be income that will bring cash into your business.

9. Prices

Another important business element with business potential energy are the prices of your products and services. If you don’t set your prices to cover all cost and bring profit, your potential energy will be at a lowest possible level. You can read more about pricing at lowering prices as a bad strategy and 10 steps to improve your prices.

10. Location

As a 10th business element with potential energy is your business location. The traffic volume and sales will depend on your location if your business is a retail store. However, also, transportation cost for production businesses will have some effect on the whole business potential energy.

You can simply start with:

  • Thinking about potential energy in these business elements of your business.
  • Find at least one possible improvement for all of them.
  • Implement improvements.
  • Start over again with the same process.

The success will not be lost!