3 Crucial Tips on How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a tricky thing. For every 100 visitors that you manage to get to your site, in most cases, you can only expect to keep 2 of them – unless you properly strategize. While there are a lot of strategies, 3 of them are crucial if you want to beat the 2% standard and make your website really POP!

The three crucial strategies that you are going to need are streamlined forms that ensure you get the very minimum information that you need, a singular popup that works without feeling like harassment, and a human element in your site in the form of live chat support.

3 Crucial Tips on How to Improve Your Conversion Rate

It really is that simple, and today we’re going to elaborate on each of these options so that you can see just how much gravitas they can add to a well-organized business website venture.

Let’s take a look at three crucial tips on how to improve your conversion rate and generate profitable business from it!

1. Whittle down your forms to their bare minimum.

You know that feeling that you get when you go to a new doctor’s office and have to fill out 3 – 4 forms worth of information? With information interlinked the way that it is in this day and age, you’d think that you’d be able to flash an idea, and the forms would fill out themselves.

Sadly, data is segregated, and while your business is not a doctor’s office, you’re in the same basic dilemma, except that people can just decide not to fill out your form at all!

When you are trying to maximize your conversion rate, you’re typically going to get one shot at getting the information that you need and while these forms are typically compact, research has shown that for every field you remove, the chances of getting a completed form can increase as much as 10%!

The trick is going to be determining what the bare minimum is that your sales team is going to need to turn these prospects into active, profitable clients. It’s a slow process, although you can speed things up by having a meeting with sales and polling them on which fields they use the most.

By whittling down your forms so that filling them out takes just seconds, you’ll quickly see an increase in the number of completed forms as opposed to those that are closed within a minute or two of frustration from your potential customers.

2. Add a pop-up – but do it right.

Nobody likes pop-ups, but the numbers don’t lie – they are definitely effective and have a standard conversion rate of approximately 3.09%. The biggest reason for their failure to get the goods is when they are too garish, not tempting enough, or keep popping up enough that they become a nuisance.

This is something that you can easily remediate, and if you do, you can change that 3.09% to something closer to a 9% conversion rate. This is definitely worth doing if you want to increase your numbers and, in turn, the profitability of your business.

When you are crafting your popups, there are going to be three keys to doing so that is going to ensure your success. They are as follows:

Make it tasteful

An obnoxious popup that interrupts whatever your customer is doing at the time is more likely to annoy them than to get their attention. We recommend that you make it a small one that comes up right away on accessing a location and that the information is kept ‘short and sweet.’ No flashing lights or garish graphical gimmicks!

Make it tempting

Lead magnets WORK. You’ll have to generate content, such as downloadable PDFs, discount offers you can’t get any other way, free products that you can cheaply mail to prospective customers… you get the idea! If you don’t ‘bait the trap,’ you won’t catch anything – it’s as simple as that.

Make it singular

If you got a popup, closed it, and it came back when you scrolled 2 -3 inches down to read more, you’d probably leave the page and take your business somewhere else. A lot of people do exactly this, and the solution is simple. Your popup should appear ONCE per customer and NO MORE. This will raise your conversion overnight!

3. Live chat shows you care, and people notice

The biggest problem with websites today is the lack of a human element. People have questions about your products, and if the answers aren’t easy to find, they’ll purchase somewhere else in a heartbeat. A good way to get around this is to add a Live Chat function to your website.

If you are a small business, you can outsource through freelancers through websites such as Upwork or simply have some staff members add the appropriate app to their phones in order to help with serious inquiries.

While this does add to your workload, consider this – how many times have you had questions about a product and simply skipped to another website right away? The odds are that you’ve done it hundreds of times, just as most of us have.

Resist the urge to get a simulated Lice Chat as well. Those AI bots have simply not come far enough yet, and customers quickly get frustrated with them and assume that if they have a problem with their order, they’ll have to argue with a machine, and you’ll lose them.

Investing in Live Chat will show your customers that you care and raise your conversion rate considerably – it’s worth every penny.

Some final words on raising your conversion rate

If your website is organized, informative, and has the goods that your customers need, you can count on a 3.09% conversion rate as a standard, but in today’s business rat race, that simply isn’t enough. You need to tweak your site to perfection, and three keys to this are going to be crucial to your success.

First, trim the fat off of those forms – nobody wants to spend 10 minutes filling out something when they can enter some basic information and be done in less than 30 seconds. Next, incorporate pop-ups, but make them a 1-time thing that offers free goodies that provide undeniable value to your customers.

Finally, make your website human by adding a Live Chat during business hours and maybe after hours if you have international customers. It’s an added expense, but people are more likely to give you their business if they know there is a human on the other end when it really counts.

Companies such as Huge Supplements, established in 2020, have used the same tips that we’ve shared with your today to go from a relative newcomer to a formidable business juggernaut in record time! Give these three crucial tips a try, and you’ll see a little of that conversion rate success firsthand.

After all, the numbers don’t lie!

Dragan Sutevski

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