What Your Sales Team Need to Know About Customers

sales team

Are your sales staff has knowledge about your potential customers?

Do you know what is the most important that your sales staff needs to know when they try to sell your products or services?

I have experienced when the sales representatives from the same company called me several times with the same offer previously denied. I can see that they don’t know anything about me, my needs, my business needs, and everything else connected with me and their offer. How they will know that if they don’t know when they called me previously, what was the results from that call and why I denied their offer. That’s not professional.

The knowledge that your sales representative has about your potential customers is one of the elements containing business potential energy.

One of the most important questions that you as an entrepreneur need to answer is what is the most important thing your sales representatives need to know before they call or try to organize meetings with potential customers.

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Here is the list of the most important things in the form of questions that if you answer will increase the knowledge and probability for one prospect to become a customer for your business.

  1. Is this company my ideal customer?
  2. What does this particular company do?
  3. How this company does what it does?
  4. Who are their most important customers?
  5. What’re the most important things that their customers value most?
  6. How we can help to increase that value to this company for their customers?
  7. How might our product or service benefit them?
  8. How many years has it been in business?
  9. Who are possible decision-makers about possible business with us?
  10. How long has the decision-maker been with the company?
  11. What do we know about this decision maker?
  12. What do we need to know about this decision maker?
  13. Where is the office of that decision-makers?
  14. How do the decision-makers prefer to be contacted?
  15. What’s going on in their industry?

These 15 questions will give your sales representatives many possibilities when they do their job. Different customers have different habits. They need to be prepared for each particular meeting if they want to succeed.