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5 Options to Efficiently Dispose of Old Office Equipment

5 Options to Efficiently Dispose of Old Office Equipment

Whether upgrading your old office equipment, relocating your office, or just decluttering, you may find yourself with old equipment that you no longer need or want. From computers and monitors to fax machines and copiers, the advancing office workplace may quickly cause outdated equipment. 

As such, you may wonder how to dispose of these old, bulky items efficiently. This article shares five options to remove old office equipment you no longer need. 

1. Hire A Rubbish Removal Service

Old office equipment, especially the bigger, bulkier ones like copiers and fax machines, can’t be disposed of like you’re throwing out regular office trash on the curb for pickup. Plus, trying to lift and move the bulkier pieces of equipment can be a safety hazard and only disrupt your employees’ workflow. 

For efficient disposal, it’s best to hire experts. A rubbish removal company like Same-Day Rubbish Removal offers full disposal service and can take anything you don’t want away. You point to an item or equipment you no longer want, and they will haul it out of your sight. If interested in their service, visit and check out their website. 

2. Sell Them

Instead of sending out old office equipment to landfill, you can make money out of them. Take an inventory of your old office equipment, listing their respective brands, age, and conditions. You can try re-selling them if they’re relatively new or outdated but still functioning. 

There are several options for selling your old office equipment. These include:


Your first option is to sell old equipment to your employees at a discounted price. They may be looking for a printer at home and willing to pay 50% off to take it. It provides significant savings over getting a brand-new one. 


If you have a piece of office equipment still in good condition or no longer needed, you advertise them to small businesses or startups around the area. For instance, if you’ve recently switched to internet faxing, you may no longer need the bulky fax machine. You can sell it to a starting business looking for cheaper alternatives in equipping their own office.   


If your employees and other businesses in your area don’t want your old office equipment, you can list them online. Some websites allow you to list your equipment for sale. 

Scrap Dealer

Old office equipment that no longer works can still be sold at your local scrap yards. Most of these items contain metal scraps and other parts that may still be functional for recycling. This option is sometimes called ‘bounty programs’ since they pay for old equipment and machine parts. 

The value is often derived from the ferrous metals in your office equipment, such as steel and iron, plastic, glass, and other working parts. You can do a quick Google search to determine scarp companies near you and get insights on how much they can pay for your old office equipment.   

Office Equipment

3. Donate

Suppose you’re more interested in community goodwill and helping others than making extra money. You can donate used and old office equipment to charities, non-profits, local thrift stores, or other organizations.  

Donating your old office equipment helps create a positive reputation for your company. It also provides tax write-off eligibility so you can still gain financial benefits while helping others. 

That said, check the condition of your old equipment before donating. It’s best to give items that are still functional and in good shape to others. 

4. Consider Swapping

Some retailers may offer a swap program. If you’re purchasing a piece of new equipment from the same retailer and brand, they may provide pickup for your old unit when delivering new ones. Some retailers may even offer a discount for this program. 

Consider asking the retailer if they offer this service when looking for new office equipment. Equipment swapping can help streamline your disposal and waste process, ensuring that your old office equipment will be appropriately disposed of and recycled. 

5. Ask Local Energy Providers Or Government Unit

Generally, local energy providers may offer pickup services for old equipment and machinery. They may even provide energy vouchers for those who want to schedule a pickup. You can also look through recycling programs from the local government. They may offer bulk waste pickup service, either for no cost or a small fee, available to all community members. 


As you can see, several options exist to quickly and efficiently dispose of old office equipment without stress. Choosing a no-frill rubbish removal service or doing something good by donating functional equipment, the options above allow you to get rid of unwanted or unused office equipment to give way to new upgrades or get more space in your office.

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