How Safe is Your Business From the Outside Changes?

organizational changes - drivers of organizational change

We live in a world where change is a normal thing. Our today’s expectations are larger than yesterday’s. Our expectations for tomorrow are higher than today.

Our customer’s expectations are changing with great speed. Our suppliers change their way of doing business. Our partners are different over time. Our interest is different over time.

Outside changes will happen regardless you or your business wants them or not. Then how safe is your business from the outside forces that can cause changes in your business?

Can you and your business escape the changes from outside of your company?

If you want your business to survive in this highly changing environment, you can’t escape those changes.

You have only four possibilities:

1. To innovate your own way and make that change irrelevant.

In the marketplace, there are companies that innovate, and make changes in their own way. That companies on the other side make pressure on other companies to change themselves. These types of companies don’t wait for change forces, they simply produce the changes.

2. To change your business regardless that outside forces.

You can find businesses that are not so innovative, but they follow what’s going on around them and simply adjust themselves because of that environmental forces. This type of company is very adjustable, and they easily can make everything based on the trends around them. They don’t wait to find that outside forces have an impact on their business results.

3. To ignore that forces and continue until you start feeling the pains.

Also, you can find companies that wait until outside changes do not start to hurt their business. This type of company simply ignores all changes around them and starts thinking about improvements only when they see a clear trend that something is going wrong. For them, it is much harder to make real come back on the right path.

4. To become totally resistant to that change until the end of the business.

The fourth possibility is when companies wait without making something until their business dies. They don’t want to implement changes to ensure a dynamic balance with their environment. They simply decide that will continue with the standard practices that they implement until outside changes start with the pressure on them.

What type of company is your company?