Call Tracking – The Best Marketing Analytics Tools

Call Tracking - The Best Marketing Analytics Tools

Regardless of the type of company you operate, marketing analytics tools are crucial to your overall business success. One of the best marketing analytics tools you can implement today is call tracking. In this article, you’ll learn exactly why that is, what its features are, and why it’s beneficial for your business.

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Why is call tracking one of the best analytics tools?

Call tracking is a unique software that allows you to thoroughly track every customer call throughout your business. On top of this, you’ll also receive a wide variety of important data surrounding each customer interaction.

More than this, call tracking also offers a range of detailed insights and reports on customer engagement across your marketing.

This software is the ultimate analytics tool for giving you a clear picture of your marketing performance and helping you monitor, evaluate, and adjust it where necessary.

What are the key features of call tracking

The key features of call tracking are its call analytics and its range of useful metrics on customer engagement.

The call data you can receive with the software includes:

  • Caller phone number
  • Caller area code
  • The abandonment rate
  • The ring duration
  • Whether the call was answered or not

For a more in-depth look at your marketing, you’ll gain access to a range of metrics such as:

  • Which marketing sources do your calls originate from – The software can assign dynamic phone numbers to help you trace the exact journeys of all your callers. You’ll be able to see every touchpoint customers visited before, during, and after they made a call. For instance, this could be a customer who calls after following a link from your social media ad.
  • The different activities that produce inbound inquiries – When you receive an inbound inquiry, you can use the software to track each activity that helps funnel the customer down to this point of interaction.
  • Keyword performance in call conversations – The software can identify if keywords are mentioned in call conversations. Therefore, you can set a range of relevant keywords for your business.
  • More granular data for your website visits – You can attach Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) tags to your URLs. As a result, the software can provide more granular data for your websites, including every activity a customer visits before landing on your webpage.
  • Google Business Profile calls – By using static phone numbers, you can track how many customers call you from your Google Business Profile.

What are the many benefits of using call tracking?

There are many benefits of using call tracking in your business, which can include:

Enhancing your PPC performance

With call tracking, you can significantly enhance your pay-per-click (PPC) performance.

The software’s insights and reports can help you see how many leads and sales are being generated from each of your ads. This will show you which ads are more engaging and which are not bringing sufficient value to your business.

In response, you can invest more in your successful ads and stop paying for your less engaging ads. This will not only increase the interactions from your PPC channel but also give you a more cost-effective approach to your marketing.

Tracking your most valuable leads

Call tracking can also help you track your most valuable leads and see where they’re originating from.

For example, you can trace the exact points in a customer journey where conversions are taking place. This could be a specific activity that produces increased conversions – e.g., customers being persuaded to fill out a form or interact on a live chat.

Once you know where your leads are coming from, you can adjust your marketing to direct more customers this way increase your high-quality leads and, thus, your overall revenue.

As you can see, call tracking is by far one of the best marketing analytics tools to have in your business. Therefore, why not find your chosen provider now?