Ways You Can Tell You’ve Found the Ideal Digital Marketing Agency

Ways You Can Tell You’ve Found the Ideal Digital Marketing Agency

If you need a digital marketing agency that can help your business succeed, you may notice many different ones.

Maybe you have some huge national ones, and you’ve also found some smaller ones that do mostly local SEO. Just like other businesses, you can find enormous digital marketing agencies and much smaller ones.

You can always try Googling marketing agency near me or something similar, but how can you tell you’ve found an agency that will do well if you hire them? You might notice certain key signs that indicate you’ve found a good one. We will discuss those signs right now.

They Have Won Many Industry Awards

When you start looking into a few digital marketing agencies, you might check out their websites. You should spend some time there, looking around.

You may notice that a particular agency has many industry awards. The digital marketing field receives accolades, just like any other.

If you see that one agency has many awards, you might feel like you should pick them. If their accolades continue for quite some time on the landing page, you have presumably found one that gets excellent results.

They Have Great Customer Feedback

You can also see what customer feedback the agency has on its website. If the agency has been around for some time and they have run marketing campaigns for some reputable companies successfully, then those companies should have no problem saying that.

See what the companies said with which this agency worked in the past. If they say they had a wonderful experience, they got more website visitors, they got more sales, etc., you should feel you can hire this agency.

Also, you should notice what companies the agency worked for before. If you see some big industry names, you can feel you have found an agency with a solid reputation.

They’ve Worked in Your Industry Before

You should ask whether this agency did some work in your field or niche before. Some digital marketing agencies work exclusively with some particular fields. Others have experience with many different ones and have found success with them all.

Whether you run a dentist’s office or a photography studio, you must find an agency with the right experience. They should say they have run marketing campaigns in that niche or an adjacent one. If they have no relevant experience, you might go with someone else.

They Offer the Precise Services You Want

Digital marketing comprises an entire universe. You might have an agency that does only social media. They might craft social media ad campaigns and create content depending on which platforms you utilize.

Other digital marketing agencies might do keyword research using analytics. They might study your competitors and figure out how you can create superior website content. Other agencies may do PPC ad campaigns or create email newsletters.

Some agencies do all these things, but others remain more niche. You must ask what techniques this agency employs. If you feel like you want something different, you probably need an alternate agency. The one you hire must assure you that they can do precisely what you feel your company most needs.  

How to Find the Ideal Digital Marketing Agency

They Use the Most Modern Marketing Techniques

You should also ask the agencies you’re considering whether they use the most modern marketing techniques. In digital marketing, the best strategies and the latest technology both move fast. You might have a company that uses the most modern techniques and another that uses best practices from three years before.

What worked a few years ago probably won’t work now. Technology moves so fast that only the best agencies can keep up.

You might ask about specific tools and strategies this agency uses. If they can talk shop with you and break down exactly what tools they use and how they’ll implement them, that might satisfy you. If you know at least a bit about digital marketing, and it sounds like this agency uses outdated practices, you probably won’t think that’s sufficient.

They Can Show You Prior Work Examples

You might feel you’ve found the best digital marketing agency if they can show you previous campaign examples and how they worked. They might show you the social media marketing campaign they crafted for a similar company. They can show you the premise they came up with, the messages and visuals they created, and then how many more followers, likes, comments, and shares their campaign got.

They might show you how they did some keyword research and then implemented those keywords on some company’s website. They can show you how many more site visitors came and how many more sales that company got after a few weeks or months.

If they can’t show you some previous work examples, and if they don’t seem enthusiastic about past campaigns, you’ll know they either don’t have the necessary experience or else they don’t feel any pride. Both indicate you should pick another agency.

They’re Eager and Excited

You might also use certain intangibles when selecting the right digital marketing agency. We’ve discussed various practical ways you might choose an agency, but maybe you find one that seems disinterested when you approach them.

They might have the right prior experience and say they use the most modern tools. However, they seemingly don’t have any passion. You want an agency that values your feedback. If they seem listless and disengaged, you might use someone else.

The right agency should combine enthusiasm and expertise. They should have some fresh new ideas that you haven’t tried before. They should feel confident that they can help you get more social media followers, website visitors, sales, or anything else you feel your company most needs.

If you don’t find the right agency, then keep looking. You should feel certain you’ve made the right choice before setting up a contract. If you settle when selecting an agency, you might spend money without getting the results you want.